Unarmed black man arrested and tased by police while waiting for his kids


Another case of racial profiling has been captured on video. In a video recently published on YouTube, Chris Lollie, 27, was tased and arrested while waiting for his kids to leave school.

Lollie was at a store in St. Paul, Minneapolis,when the incident occurred. Lollie was waiting in a public seating area when a store employee asked him to leave. He left and a female police officer began following him. The female officer asked Lollie his name and he responded by telling the officer he knew his rights and didn’t have to give his name. He told the female officer he was about to pick up his kids and that he was being racially profiled.

The female officer continued to follow Lollie until a male officer approached. Lollie asked the white male police officer, “What’s going on brother?” The white male officer responded by saying, “I’m not your brother, you’re going to jail.”

Lollie told the officers that he was unarmed and had not committed any crimes. The police officers grabbed Lollie and threw him to the ground. Lollie yelled, “My kids are right there!” Children can be heard in the background crying.

The police handcuffed, choked and tased him while he was on the ground. Lollie screamed and yelled for help as the officers took him away.

This summer, racial profiling by police has made worldwide headlines. The untimely deaths of Mike Brown, John Crawford and Eric Garner have raised awareness on the subject that has yet to change two decades after Rodney King’s beating.

The St. Paul Police Department have not investigated the officers who arrested Lollie.

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