ICloud hacked! Nude pics of Rihanna, Gabrielle Union released


Even big name Hollywood stars like to take pictures of themselves for whatever reason. The problem is when they decide to save these pictures to the cloud. Apparently dozens of mostly female entertainers had their Apple iCloud accounts hacked and now the nude pics are all over social media. The pics of these stars include Keke Palmer, Rihanna, Hillary Duff, Amber Heard, Gabrielle Union (see the pics here), Kim Kardashian and almost 101 others.

The flaw that allowed the hack was in Apple’s iCloud service. An unidentified hacker claims that they were able to break into the stars’ iCloud accounts using the phones “Find My Phone” feature. The photos were then published on the image sharing web group 4Chain. Some of the pictures can still be seen on the 4chain website. However the damage is already done and the pictures have already appeared on major social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram and Vine.

Twitter administrators have already deleted the Twitter accounts of any individuals who posted images of the stars. In addition, spokespersons for many of the stars have said it is a flagrant disregard for privacy and have promised to sue any and all those responsible. The Apple company has not admitted publicly that their software is to blame for the hack. However, the company has quietly issued a patch to be downloaded to fix its suspected security flaw.

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