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Former Dallas Cowboys stars react to Michael Sam signing to team

Michael Sam - Smiling Cover

After being dropped by the St. Louis Rams this past weekend, Michael Sam has finally found a new NFL home with the Dallas Cowboys. And although Sam’s struggling career is not without its critics, Sam has some major Cowboys players from the past defending his new move to Texas.

After much speculation, it was revealed yesterday morning that Sam had indeed been signed to the Cowboys’ 10-man practice squad, where he’ll train in hopes of making it onto the team’s permanent roster.

Dallas Cowboys Sign Michael Sam

“We feel like he has a chance to come in at a position that we tried to address early throughout the off-season, throughout training camp, and compete for a spot,” said Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett. “We’re bringing a player in we want to see on the practice field. We got nothing but good reports about him from people in St. Louis and we just want to give him a chance to come in see if he can help our football team.”

Sam himself seemed to be overjoyed at the chance to play for the Cowboys.

Michael Sam - Cowboys Tweets

However, as was the case with Sam being drafted by the Rams, he’s facing both criticism and doubt from those who fear the impact of having Sam, who is openly and has struggled a bit during the preseason, on the Southern team, where homophobia is considered more rampant.

But even if some fans don’t believe in him, famous Cowboys veterans Michael Irvin and Emmitt Smith certainly do. Check out what they had to say about Sam’s signing after the cut. – nicholas robinson


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