Why Michael Irvin thought FCF championship was an ‘incredible watch’

The Zappers have won the 2022 Fan Controlled Football League championship. The team defeated the Bored Ape Football Club on June 11 at Pullman Yards in Atlanta. Former Clemson quarterback Kelly Bryant took home MVP honors. The Zappers are owned by Bob Menery, of the “Full Send Podcast,” Minnesota Vikings running back Dalvin Cook, New […]

NFL legend encourages men to talk to each other, avoid isolation

Proclaiming May 2016 as National Mental Health Awareness Month, President Barrack Obama said, “During National Mental Health Awareness Month, we recognize those Americans who live with mental illness and substance use disorders, and we pledge solidarity with their families who need our support as well. Let us strive to ensure people living with mental health […]

Former Dallas Cowboys stars react to Michael Sam signing to team

After being dropped by the St. Louis Rams this past weekend, Michael Sam has finally found a new NFL home with the Dallas Cowboys. And although Sam’s struggling career is not without its critics, Sam has some major Cowboys players from the past defending his new move to Texas. After much speculation, it was revealed […]

Olympic gymnast Louis Smith says he’d date Will Smith, if he were gay

British gymnastics star, Louis Smith has become a rising celebrity thanks to his multiple silver and bronze wins at the 2008 and 2012 Olympics. Besides his Olympic skills, Smith’s fame has also been growing thanks to his handsome face, hot body and dashing style. The red hot pommel horse star recently stripped down to a […]

NFL pro Adrian Peterson doesn’t believe in same-sex marriage

No other national topic has been more prevalent, prevailing and divisive in the last few months than same-sex marriage. States across the nation have voted in favor of marriage equality, while many celebrities, especially, and surprisingly, several athletes. But Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson recently shared his thoughts on the matter and revealed that […]

DeRay Davis ‘comes out’ as gay ally

Earlier this week, Booty Call and “Castle” actress Tamala Jones made her debut as an LGBT ally in a public service announcement for GLAAD’s new “Coming Out For Equality” campaign. Now, actor and funnyman DeRay Davis has joined the cause as well and his PSA has now hit the web. As with all of the […]

Earvin Johnson III, Kobe Bryant applaud Magic Johnson for supporting gay son

Earvin “EJ” Johnson III is one lucky kid. After coming out to the world when he was spotted walking hand-in-hand with this boyfriend earlier this week, Earvin was swarmed with support from a number of fans, but most importantly, his father, Magic Johnson, who told reporters that he and Earvin’s mother, Cookie, were “very proud […]

Brendon Ayanbadejo says his fellow Ravens praised him for marriage equality stance

Baltimore Ravens star Brendon Ayanbadejo rose to prominence as an LGBT ally in September, when he went against Maryland House of Delegates member Emmett C. Burns Jr. over his longtime support of marriage equality. And, though it seemed like Ayanbadejo may have been alone in his stance, he now says that his teammates have praised […]

Brendon Ayanbadejo and Other NFL Players Support Same-Sex Marriage

Historically speaking, football isn’t known as a game where players are expected to be forward thinkers or even have simple, let alone meaningful, thoughts. They represent the manliest of men; void of all feelings, ready to rumble at a moments notice on and off the gridiron and absolutely, positively not supportive of anything remotely soft, […]

Michael Irvin Tells ‘Out’ Mag He Was Womanizer Because Brother Was Gay

Hall of Fame NFL receiver Michael Irvin says he was an oversexed, hypermasculine womanizer with a deliberate intention to counter any notions that he might be gay like his older brother. At first rejecting homosexuality during his formative years, Irvin now advocates human rights for gays. Appearing shirtless on the cover of Out magazine and […]