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Deitrick Haddon: ‘I feel like God has given me a second chance’

Preachers of L.A.” star Deitrick Haddon knows he’s been given a second chance and intends to make the most of it.
“I feel like God has given me a second chance at marriage, at life, and at ministry. So now I’m determined to do it my way … Do it God’s way, but do it with my style,” Haddon told Centric TV. “I’m solid. I’m sure about myself. I don’t need validation from people. I’ve got God. I’ve got my focus. I’ve got my babies, my wife, and I’m good.”
Things weren’t always so good for Haddon.
After finding out his first wife was cheating on him with a fellow gospel singer, Haddon fell into a deep depression and ended up leaving the church that he helped to grow in Detroit for Los Angeles. Once in L.A., Haddon found himself developing an alcohol dependency and becoming a regular at strip clubs.
Haddon soon met his future second wife, Dominique, who helped him turn his life around. But their union was not without it’s share of obstacles. Haddon was still legally married to his first wife when Dominique became pregnant with their first child. After keeping the child a secret for months, Haddon’s divorce was finalized and he was then able to marry Dominique, who was then pregnant with their second child.
Through it all, Deitrick kept his relationship with God, and was finally able to right his ship. Now he is a happily married family man with a new testimony to give.
“I hope that my story can help people know there is live beyond your mistakes. We all mess up at some point. You can’t expect to live 80 years or 90 years or 70 years on the planet and you don’t make a mistake,” Haddon says. “That’s not even realistic. You’re going to make a mistake. You’re going to mess up real bad. Keep moving and learn from your mistakes. It’s not how you fall; it’s how you get up.”
“Preachers of L.A.” airs on the Oxygen channel Wednesdays at 10 EST.
– tj armour / @tjarmour

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  1. Likewaterforchoc on September 11, 2014 at 3:02 pm

    We all mess up. But the anointed are called to ministry, not those who just know the Bible, can warble a few notes and have the gift for gab. About 75% of these so-called preachers have absolutely NO business in ministry. And he is one of them.