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E. coli causes death of 4-year-old girl

4year old with E.coli dies

4-year-old with E.coli dies

A 4-year-old  girl from Portland, Oregon, who tested positive for E. coli last week, died of a related infection on Sept. 8. The infection is known as hemolytic uremic syndrome and is caused by specific strains of E. coli.

Serena Profitt and her 5-year-old friend, Brad Sutton, both became ill last week after a trip to Lincoln City. The two shared a turkey sandwich at Roadhouse 18 Bar and Grill in Otis, Oregon. The restaurant’s owner told KGW county health inspectors arrived Tuesday to investigate.  It’s still unclear how the two young friends became sick. They also swam in a pond together.

Serena died Monday night. However, Brad is undergoing treatment at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital in Tacoma, Washington, where he was listed in critical condition early Tuesday evening.