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Do you know what today is? It’s National Voter Registration Day!!!

imagesThirty-six states have elections coming up this November … and every single issue that people complain about or want more of will be impacted by the vote that “We The People” make in the next 40 days. When I say every single issue, I really mean Every. Single. Issue.

Police killings. School Closings. Quality education. Livable wage. School to prison pipelines. The cost of education. Affordable housing. Same-sex marriage. Crime. Arts. Culture. Mentoring for children. Mental health support. Health care.

Should I list any more?

The beauty of this year’s election is that they are all local. And if you never heard it before, let me share this little ditty with you today…

… all politics is local.

So, if you’re not registered, register. If you are registered, roll down on that one or two people that you know aren’t, send them to the link below, and let’s execute the power of our citizenship in a way that sends a message and creates policy. Smell me?

I’m gone.