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Details about Frank Ocean’s dad reveal deep poverty

Frank Ocean - Religion Cover

Frank Ocean’s father, Calvin Cooksey, crashed into the public spotlight this month when he filed a massive defamation suit against hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons. But with so much attention on Cooksey, it was only a matter of time before details about his private life came under the spotlight as well. And according to a new report, Cooksey is living far below his son’s pay wage and below the poverty line.

As previously reported, Cooksey filed a whopping $142 million lawsuit against Simmons earlier this month, saying that Simmons’ site Global Grind branded him a “deadbeat dad” and cost him 9-figures in future income.

However, according to, Cooksey recently filed new court documents in which he claims that he’s so broke that he can’t afford the costs for filing the hefty lawsuit.

Cooksey says that he’s currently unemployed and is only living off of a social security disability income of $779.66 a month. Making matters worse for Cooksey is his claim that $550 of that total goes to rent every month, leaving him with a little over $200 a month to live off of.

Cooksey is now begging the court to waive his court fees so that he can continue with the case. The court has yet to make a decision on Cooksey’s request, but this new information does give us insight into why Cooksey would demand so much money from Simmons.

Ironically, he almost demanded a 7-figure pay day from his son back in 2012 when Ocean revealed that Cooksey threatened to file a lawsuit against him.

Somehow we doubt that Cooksey’s going to win this case, or even be able to continue on with it  without any money. – nicholas robinson


  1. Stayce~Michelle on September 30, 2014 at 9:27 am

    …..sometimes family can be your worst enemy.

  2. Calvin on October 1, 2014 at 4:51 pm

    Hey, why is there nobody looking at what Frank’s dad been through these last 20 years. You only have to read the complaint or lawsuit to see that Cooksey’s knows what he’s doing, and that Cooksey had placed the ball in Global Grind, and Accel Partners court. YES, I’ am having some financial problems, who doesn’t in America? The fee wavier covers ALOT that just filing FEES.


    So, lets talk about why Simmons has not responding to Cooksey’s allegations in complaint, and all over the worlds web? Where Cooksey alleges that Simmons don’t have a diploma in Journalisms,or lets talk about the facts that Simmons filed a claim form with Travelers during November 2013, and had it sent too Cooksey, asking Cooksey to be patient. Then when Cooksey’s complied and did not file his lawsuit in December 2013. which is pass the one years statue of limitation,in’that would have been OK.HAD SIMMONS NOT Tampered with THE 12/19/2012 ARTICLE WHERE SIMMONS CROSSED THE LINE AND COMMITTED LIBEL PER SE, from my understanding of the Law Defining Libel.

    Simmons knows exactly what he has done to my reputation, and future income because he has a copy of the lawsuit. So, for you people that don’t want to end up eating your shoes, when yawl find out why Cooksey really had too leave Oceans in the first place?
    O’ yeah, TMZ, made an big error….I Calvin Cooksey, have never wrote, stated, or implied that I was upset because Simmons failed to use my real name or correct name. what I stated was that Simmons, et al., didn’t know who the hell frank oceans father was…had they knew they never would have wrote the alleged libel article on December 19, 2012.
    In who is this NICHOLAS ROBINSON. dude you could call me, my numbers on complaint? also, if you know anything about law, and the definition of LIBEL PER SE, you would know that Simmons never had too my name to defame me. He only had too say FRANK OCEANS FATHER’S A DEADBEAT…CALVIN COOKSEY IS FRANK OCEANS FATHER….and he was born CHRISTOPHER EDWIN COOKSEY~ not no Christopher Lonny Breaux, another LIE! Don’t believes me GO DO SOME RESEACH MY FRIEND*

    Penal Code, Section 215.40. which define what Tampering with physical evidences is and the punishment.
    New York Penal Code, Section 215.40. is what Cooksey believes that he can prove to the Court, and is a E- Class Felony!
    which Cooksey alleges Simmons did commit when Simmons allegedly destroyed the 12/19/2012,critical evidence to Plaintiff Cooksey lawsuit. Hey fella, next time try writing a neutral story? just a thought!

  3. esquire12000 on February 7, 2017 at 12:59 pm

    This dude seems pathetic in my opinion, it seems as if he’s trying to score a payday and he doesn’t care who gives him the money. I bet frank wants nothing to do with this dude, nobody tries to ruin u like family, trust me on that