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Details about Frank Ocean’s dad reveal deep poverty

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Frank Ocean’s father, Calvin Cooksey, crashed into the public spotlight this month when he filed a massive defamation suit against hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons. But with so much attention on Cooksey, it was only a matter of time before details about his private life came under the spotlight as well. And according to a new report, Cooksey is living far below his son’s pay wage and below the poverty line.

As previously reported, Cooksey filed a whopping $142 million lawsuit against Simmons earlier this month, saying that Simmons’ site Global Grind branded him a “deadbeat dad” and cost him 9-figures in future income.

However, according to, Cooksey recently filed new court documents in which he claims that he’s so broke that he can’t afford the costs for filing the hefty lawsuit.

Cooksey says that he’s currently unemployed and is only living off of a social security disability income of $779.66 a month. Making matters worse for Cooksey is his claim that $550 of that total goes to rent every month, leaving him with a little over $200 a month to live off of.

Cooksey is now begging the court to waive his court fees so that he can continue with the case. The court has yet to make a decision on Cooksey’s request, but this new information does give us insight into why Cooksey would demand so much money from Simmons.

Ironically, he almost demanded a 7-figure pay day from his son back in 2012 when Ocean revealed that Cooksey threatened to file a lawsuit against him.

Somehow we doubt that Cooksey’s going to win this case, or even be able to continue on with it  without any money. – nicholas robinson

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