"Mo Betta" Maurice "Mo" Barnes is a graduate of Morehouse College and Political Scientist based in Atlanta. Mo is also a Blues musician.


  • butterbeanbabe
    October 21, 2014

    YES ITS RACISM TO A DEGREE .. but if the police dont treat the cases the same as they do white seriel killers its not the black community fault .. by the time we heard about any of these men .. the murders were committed and done the killer killed and stop . and the police didnt catch them in the act , cause they were smart enough to stop at a point .. white killers dont stop . .and they kill children dogs and grandma ..

    all these cases are black men targeting women and prostiitutes on the streets .. white men kill college kids , and anyone .

    there is a difference in the styles .. but not in the horrific afthermath of it ..

    wayne williams did not kill those boys in atlanta , the kkk did it and set wayne williams up
    people ought to stop lieing

    as racist as our society is , white cops were not about to waste tax dollars on black prostitiutes murdered , most of the victims were prositiutes and runaway loners . .so the family didnt report them missing for one .. so who do you blame .. black famiies dontl look out for each other this way .. a lot of these misssing women were not turned in to the police … black females are notorious to be astranged from family. ,making them target to predators ., expecially black drug addicts and prostitiutes who dont keep a close bond to fmily members . so we get that .. part

    but what i dont get is why would anyone question the dynamics of the murders rate , and the demographics of the crime. i saw a lot of these murderers on YOU TUBE … AND I NOTICE THE SIMILARITY IS MOST OF THEM ARE LONERS ,AND THE VICTIMS TO.. black men target the lonely and disarray of black females .. the druggies ,and prostiitutes . WHO KNEW THIS INFO ??? THE POLICE IN ALL MAJOR CITIES

    • Htownpostman
      October 25, 2014

      spell check? “lieing”? “prostiitutes”? “famiies?” How down right pathetic that you STILL play the race card even with serial killers… The psychology behind serial killers is the same, white, black, male or female… But because these killers are black, somehow whitey is responsible? Get educated you submoronic fool.

      • butterbeanbabe
        October 25, 2014

        I stand by my belief it’s right there in history. White serial killers get media exposure. Black ones don’t unless they are killing white children or people. You can deny all u want Read fool. That is all you got to do. Jeffrey Daumier was broadcast all over the news. Topping headlines for months til his trial time. Mean time black women 8 of them we’re coming up missing in Missouri kc. Same te frame. Media said nothing til after Daumier trial ended. Racism an bias is in every phase of society. ?

        • Drae
          September 25, 2016

          What’s wrong in our society is you! I know this is an old post, but you are an absolute RACIST! Comparing white/black serial killers….WTF! Their color doesn’t matter cause “they” are crazy. If your so unhappy in America go back to Africa, cause you won’t be missed!!!

  • Aaron Kline
    September 29, 2017

    before starting my research, I honestly was going through life thinking that white men were more apt to
    commit serial killings than black men. I thought black men were more impulsive, committing drive by’s or
    one on one killings, not stalking, raping or suffocating their victims.

    Here I am writing a book and I have lots to learn. I do not think its about white or black.

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