Are Willow Smith’s lyrics too racy?


Willow Smith’s popular 2010 single,”Whip My Hair,” had tweens from coast to coasting bobbing their heads. The song had a catchy hook and was very kid (and adult) friendly. Well, Willow has cranked things up a notch, musically speaking. On Oct. 31,  the young star will be celebrating her 14th birthday, but the lyrics from her new single, “Female Energy (Freestyle),” are decidedly not for the prepubescent crowd. Willow is straddling the line between childhood and womanhood, and we know exposure to fame tends to cause youngsters to grow up too quickly, but Ms. Smith seems to be handling some grown woman-style issues here.

It is really out of my control
how you feel is not my problem
I really don’t want you to go
but I don’t know how to stop you

Whatever. I guess. Whatever.
I don’t care. Get dressed. Whatever.
I don’t feel like talking. Whatever.
Cuz it’s really out of my control.
How you feel is not my problem.
I really don’t want you to go, but I don’t want to stop ya.
Cuz you gon do what you gotta do.
And what I do is not your problem.
Just let me let me love you
Stop trying to make it complicated.

Let’s all try to remember that this is a 14-year-old, not a 24-year-old. What do you think? Sound off.


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