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10-year-old girl left paralyzed days after receiving flu shot


Marysue Grivna was considered a perfectly healthy 10-year-old girl. However, things changed after she received her annual flu shot in 2013.

According to reports by Fox News, Marysue received the shot a few days before Thanksgiving. She appeared to be fine and played with friends shortly after receiving the shot. But three days later, her parents noticed that she remained in bed longer than normal. When her parents went to check on her, Marysue was able to open her eyes, but she couldn’t move.

Her parents rushed her to the hospital. After multiple tests, Marysue was diagnosed with a rare viral brain infection called acute desseminated encephalomyelitis. Known as ADEM, doctors say the disease can occur after surgery or some form of immunization. In 5 percent of the cases, ADEM has occurred after immunization. There are chances for recovery, but those chances decrease after six months of having the disease.

The Grivnas believe their daughter’s illness was a direct result of the flu shot she received. Although ADEM can be caused by getting a flu shot, doctors continue to recommend the flu shot during the winter months.

The Grivnas have opened a Go Fund Me account to help pay for their daughter’s medical expenses.