‘Preachers of LA’ best moments of season finale


Preach LA is here

As planned all season long, all the cast members got together to participate in the Preach LA event held at Bishop Jones’ City of Refuge church.

  • The episode began with Deitrick and Dominique preparing to head out to the event. Deitrick tells Dominique that if Bishop McClendon shows up to the event, without having being to a single organizational meeting, he will have to say something to him. Dominique tries to talk him out of it but Deitrick holds steady with his proclamation. He later holds to his word and confronts McClendon when he shows up although the episode ends rather quickly and isn’t as explosive as Dominique fears.
  • While getting ready for the event, Ron sits with LaVette and expresses his reservations about attending Preach LA. Though he’s still a bit hung up on Loretta’s involvement, LaVette reasons with him and gets him to agree that the event and it’s purposes are much bigger than his personal feelings. Ron does indeed show up and is pleasantly surprised upon arriving to find Sister Souljah and even Loco, whom he had a confrontation with a couple episodes back, in attendance and ready to receive the word.
  • Once the event gets under way Loretta finds herself doing almost all the organizational work and when Myesha and Dominique finally show up, Loretta sternly, yet lovingly gives them a piece of her mind. They apologize and say they didn’t know the extend to which she needed their help with the preparation. The ladies make up and all is quickly forgiven.
  • Myesha is slated to perform but she is more than nervous for a couple reasons. For one she isn’t sure the church going attendees will receive her message and will possibly be turned off because she has accompanying dancers. Also she is a little intimidated having to perform after Deitrick. Deitrick does indeed give a rousing performance and things go further south for her when her background music is the victim of a technical difficult that leaves her unable to perform. Once backstage she wonders if the malfunction was a sign from God that she isn’t meant to do music. It is Deitrick who comes to her, while Wayne is onstage preaching, and reassures her that music is her calling and not to let this minor glitch deter her. After the hitch is fixed, Myesha is able to go on and give a house rocking performance that restores her faith in her musical ability.
  • On a playful note, Deitrick and Noel literally have to pull Ron’s coattail to get him off stage as the event draws to a close. The event ends with all the preachers on stage, minus Wayne who went to have a intimate talk with Myesha, sharing final words and thanking the attendees for coming to receive their word.


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