Recognizing early warning signs of autism in your child

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Black children are less likely to be diagnosed with autism or the Autism Spectrum Disorder than white children. Some of this can be attributed to the parents not recognizing that their child is at risk until a later age. Here are 13 warning signs that every parent should recognize in their child when it comes to autism:

  • The child not responding to his or her name by 12 months of age (for example, appear not to hear).
  • The child not pointing at objects to show interest by 14 months of age (for example, point at an airplane flying over).
  • The child not playing “pretend” games by 18 months of age (for example, pretend to “feed” a doll).
  • The child avoids eye contact and want to be alone.
  • The child has trouble understanding other people’s feelings or talking about his or her own feelings.
  • The child has has delayed speech and language skills (for example, uses words much later than siblings or peers or does not use words to communicate).
  • The child repeats words or phrases over and over.
  • The child gives unrelated answers to questions.
  • The child gets upset by minor changes in routine (for example, getting a new toothbrush).
  • The child has obsessive interests (for example, has a very strong interest in trains that is difficult to interrupt).
  • The child flaps his or her hands, rocks his or her body, or spins in circles.
  • The child has unusual ways of playing with or using objects, such as spins or lines them up repeatedly.
  • The child has unusual reactions to the way things sound, smell, taste, look, or feel.

To learn more about autism and find additional resources visit: WWW.AUTISMSPEAKS.ORG

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