McDonald’s ‘My Block, My Moment:’ YDot GDot

Ydot Gdot is a Rap Artist- Major Event Host- A Nerd - Creator of the #Antichiraq Movement. he is a young talent from the city of Chicago. His music is filled with very positive and lyrical content.
Ydot Gdot is a Rap Artist- Major Event Host- A Nerd – Creator of the #Antichiraq Movement. he is a young talent from the city of Chicago. His music is filled with very positive and lyrical content.

It’s Chicago’s favorite nerdy YDot GDot and this is my block.

Describe what you do for a living.

I’m a Chicago artist and I host parties.

Describe the moment where you came into your own as a professional. 

The moment I felt like I was on the right track was when I made the front of the Chicago Sun Times for my movement Anti-Chiraq. I feel like that because that doesn’t happen often, a young guy doing something positive in Chicago media. It was positive like they didn’t have nothing bad to say. It was all good and I’m a positive person and that made it a positive outlook on the situation.

Anti-Chiraq, I base it off three elements, positivity, unity and growth. Positivity, because like I said when you turn on the news, the news is nothing positive. Unity, because I’m bringing everybody together. I am bringing people from each side of town, different artists, different singers and motivational speakers. Growth, because I want to be better than I was yesterday, two days ago and I feel like everybody should want to grow. You have to grow.

How did your block contribute to your development as a person and as a professional?

The motivation behind Anti-Chiraq is pretty much just wanting to do something positive. I’m a positive person. I have a positive light on me so I just want to do something positive, pretty much just giving back to the city where they gave to me and the city has given me nothing but love, showed me nothing but love. It didn’t lock me in the system. It didn’t try to take me out early so I just want to give back. I want to give that love back. I want to reach back out, let people know that it is positive people that still exist and you can actually have fun doing it. 

Why are you proud of being from Chicago and how did Chicago help to mold you as a person and as a professional?

I love Chicago because it has so much to offer than what is being portrayed. Some people don’t see downtown. They don’t know about the good restaurants we’ve got, the good places you can go out to party. It just has a lot to offer. It has more to offer than what is being portrayed right now. They just want to portray what they want to portray because it looks good to them but as a person who’s actually from here I know better. 

Describe your first memory of McDonald’s. If possible, describe a McDonald’s moment in your life that is significant to you?

The first time I ate McDonald’s, I probably was a baby. You know how your momma gives your fries or something, a little piece of burger. I was probably one or two something like that but really getting into it like five or six. My favorite McDonald’s moment was, it’s got to be them ice cream cones. Like as a kid growing up, every kid loves ice cream so to have that little bitty cone with the ice cream going all the way to the top and I’m a grasshopper carrying it. It’s falling over and stuff and they give you another one because they were so nice. Every McDonald’s had that lady. Come to think about it too, the manager of the McDonald’s where I’m from she stayed on my block so it was cool. Shout out to Ms. Fields.

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