Will.i.am offers his view on Ferguson, Taylor Swift, how Obama ‘disappointed’ him


Black Eyed Peas’ co-creator will.i.am sits down with Larry King on the Emmy-nominated series “Larry King Now” to talk about opportunities in Ferguson, his exciting Puls, his  new smart watch venture, what he thinks about Taylor Swift, why the media demonizes his friend Justin Bieber and why he’s “disappointed” in President Obama, plus his desperate plea for the crisis in Ferguson.


“I believe if there were opportunities in Ferguson where it was clearer for youth that they could participate and be a part of conversation with big business — and big business at this point and time means technology — and it was an obvious direction of dream down, Ferguson wouldn’t be configured the way it is.”

“I’m optimistic on what technology can do for inner cities and most importantly the youth.”

President Obama:

“I’m not going to sit here and claim I’m the expert at politics. I don’t understand it. The idea of Obama was an amazing idea. The execution of it, how you executed — education reform to me should have been the first thing we should’ve been fighting for.”

Taylor Swift:

“First off, Taylor Swift is killing the game right now. What I mean by that is Taylor Swift is probably the hottest person in music right now. She’s the only one who had a platinum album this year. The first time in music industry that no one went platinum. No one sold a million copies. Just Taylor Swift.”

Justin Bieber:

“… some of it’s true, some of it is amplification and inflation. The media is a beast within itself, it feeds off of whatever it needs to feed off to sell advertisements.”

Puls’ development: 

“This is great. This is amazing. I mean, think about it: I come from the projects down the street — Los Angeles. And to think that when I was 9years old driving my bicycle, that I ever think that I would be able to create a device like that.”

“Right now, it’s like I’m married to the Puls,” and what he hopes to achieve, “I want to be walking through the airport and then someone goes like this [lifts arm] because they’re talking on the phone to their family members and say, ‘Oh my gosh, will.i.am just passed me’ as I’m talking on the Puls.”

Watch the interview in its entirety: http://goo.gl/LPJbjK

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