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Event Photos » Sisters of Today and Tomorrow make a difference in New Haven, Connecticut

Sisters of Today and Tomorrow make a difference in New Haven, Connecticut



New Haven, Connecticut – Sisters of Today and Tomorrow took its conference to another level of transforming the lives of girls and the women who raise them, when it hosted its second leadership conference for girls in New Haven, Connecticut, last Tuesday. The conference included a judge, mayor, alderwoman, civil rights director, and more, all there to play a part in empowering young girls throughout the city of New Haven, Connecticut.
“I’m very proud of my sister,” said Alderwoman Jeanette Morrison, of Ward 22, in New Haven, and community partner of the conference, who presented Carla Morrison, SOT’s founder and executive director, and the organizer of the conference with a proclamation from both the city of New Haven Mayor and Board of Aldermen. “My sister has brought her program from Atlanta to our hometown of New Haven, and it’s making a difference.”
From the vision board party to the Sisters’ Circle, the girls and women shared and learned from one another, creating an intergenerational circle of love and open communication.
“The most exciting part of the conference for me,” said Carla Morrison, “is when you have that one-on-one conversation with a girl and she shares her life plan, using some of the tools that she’s been learning during the conference. That happened during this conference; now, we keep encouraging and exposing her to different things as well as connect her to a personal mentor in her field of interest, to continue guiding her.”
Sisters of Today and Tomorrow helps to transform the lives of young girls, ages 9-18, and the women who raise them. The organization will start monthly online mentoring in February 2015 and will host its 10th annual Women’s History Month program, Saturday, March 7, 2015, in Atlanta.