5 reasons to avoid sexual enhancement drugs

no sex drugs - heart issues

As some men age, they discover that they could use a little help in the bedroom department. The old libido might not be what it once was; while the spirit may be very willing — the flesh is a bit weak. So the first thought is often to run out and get your hands on one of those special little pills that can get you back on track; but before you do that, you should be well aware of the risks that come along with drugs to treat sexual dysfunction.

The companies that produce these drugs recommend that a man see his physician before using any of these, but many men take the risk head-on by purchasing the drugs from friends or street vendors. This is highly discouraged, as you really have no idea of what you’re getting into without an exam and a real prescription for the right drug (and dosage) for you.

1. Sexual dysfunction drugs have the potential to cause serious heart issues, and can even lead to a heart attack. If your heart isn’t up to par, these pills could be fatal for you.

2. A common side effect of these drugs is persistent and intense headaches. These headaches can cause you to lose your quality of life and activity — in an expensive trade-off.

no sex drugs - back-pain

3. Backaches are another possible side effect of sexual dysfunction drugs. So you’ll want to make sure that you have a strong back to begin with.

4. A common side effect of drugs like Viagra and Cialis is that they can often cause prolonged erections. That may sound like a good thing initially, but when you consider that this prolonged erection can last for several hours — you start to realize how it could be very uncomfortable and even painful.

no sex drugs - not healthy enough

5. Most importantly, if you’re not healthy enough for not only sex, but enhanced sexual performance; these drugs are just not for you. For a person who is not in good health, taking drugs for sexual dysfunction could bring about all of the other risks at once.

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