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Health » Sea moss: The miracle weed from the ocean that increases libido and more

Sea moss: The miracle weed from the ocean that increases libido and more


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Sea moss has been used for health reasons by people native to the Atlantic coast of North America, the Caribbean and Europe since the mid-1800s. During the pandemic, the spotlight shone brightly on sea moss, as it became very popular among people opting to use traditional medicinals to fight COVID-19 and the flu.

According to WebMD, you only need two tablespoons a day because it is high in iodine, which can lead to an enlarged thyroid. However, the benefits outweigh any risks, as sea moss is packed with magnesium, calcium, vitamins B12 and B2, vitamin C, zinc, iron, iodine and fiber. It also contains antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties, which offer many benefits to your health.

In addition, sea moss is a probiotic for your gut. It promotes a healthy colon and digestive system, while removing harmful bacteria. Sea moss may also help with your weight-loss goals and a healthy immune system due to its high content of amino acids, antioxidants and vitamins.

If you are having thyroid issues, sea moss should be your “go-to,” as it produces thyroid hormones made with iodine to help any thyroid issues and your overall mood and energy levels.

Sea moss is also a great addition to any hair and beauty regime. It is rich in sulfur and can be applied as a gel mask, and it can remove bacteria and microorganisms that lead to acne while moisturizing your skin. Additionally, sea moss contains collagen, which is great for skin and hair.

Another property of sea moss is the amino acid taurine, which is used for building muscle and burning fat. Sea moss has also been touted as the “viagra of the sea” by Dr. Sebi, who consumed sea moss daily and said it improved his libido. He went from being impotent to fathering 17 children after his transition.