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Republican Congress blocks DC delegates' voting privileges


There are high political stakes at play as the newly Republican controlled Congress flexes its legislative muscle and displays its intent. District of Columbia Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton was denied the right to cast a floor vote by the next congressional session of Congress. The Republican controlled House of Representatives voted 230-160 to deny the residents of Washington, D.C. full representation on legislative matters for the 114th session of Congress over the objections of many. Because D.C. is not a state, each session of Congress must vote on whether to allow delegates full voting privileges. Now, because of this congressional action, Norton and other delegates are only allowed to vote on specific legislation as determined by the Republican majority in the House.

Norton issued a press release which stated, “We intend to use every available opportunity to build toward the equal citizenship rights for D.C. that come with D.C. statehood…Today’s crude abuse of power must drive our determination for a vote that cannot be eliminated and for a status fully equal to our fellow citizens.”

This move by Congress dismisses the taxpaying citizens of D.C. to second-class treatment by the Republican majority.