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The words of Dr. Martin L. King Jr. continue to resonate with truth and knowledge. In this interview, Dr. King explains why nonviolence is powerful.


Dr. King explains why nonviolence is powerful

Mo Barnes

Mo Barnes

Maurice "Mo" Barnes is a graduate of Morehouse College and Political Scientist based in Atlanta. Mo is also a Blues musician. He has been writing for Rolling Out since 2014. Whether it means walking through a bloody police shooting to help a family find justice or showing the multifaceted talent of the Black Diaspora I write the news.


  1. britishrose on January 19, 2015 at 10:36 pm

    LETTER TO DR KING , Thank you dr king your completely right even today, it is because what can you acheive by fighting back , these people who fight you believe they are serving thier country , it was the law then for us to be beat to death, someone told those cops to behave that way , they werent suppose to think of their own grand moma or mother on that ground being hit , the scene in color purple where oprah was beat up by cops for slapping that old white lady was just proof of dr kings mission. she attempted to fight back and was beat bad its like a dog , if he dont attempt to bite he will be thrown in the patty wagon bruised but not killed if you fight you die !! we were treated like dogs . period , white folks are just ashame of their ancestors , that was someones grandfarher throwing blacks to the ground we dont know who is a descendant of those police in the 50s and 60 sealed records i immagine but someone knows every last one of them ., and nowi t really dont matter who they were they were doing what our great nation leader , told them to do ., LBJ got in there and tried to do what kennedy started to do ., kennedy was not going for the killings and beatings ,he started something already before he died , LBJ DID a poor job arguing with dr king instead of immediate action. it was a sad time for america and all the police brutality is an evil curse on the white race you still teaching your children something is wrong with learning your civil right background , and why they need to understand blacks stance and intolerance for any injustice call us hoodrats thugs or what ever , ,that will not erase , what got us to this point with whites , , a thug in prison does not signafy change as far as race relations no matter how many wrongfully accused black men in jail .. .i raise my hat to the INNOCENSE PROGRAM, ,that has help many blacks who were harrassed by police and thrown in jail for a crime they didnt do just cause they were black and near the crime scene. many have been exornorated . some almost died on death row..
    not way as many white men treated this way, stop worrying bout black on black crime , its not who we are , its what happen in isolated areas ,
    of poor and working mothers trying to raise kids alone , THE WHITE MAN TOOK AWAY WELFARE FUND AND START SEEKING OUT BLACK MEN TO PAY CHILD SUPPORT INSTEAD , WHILE TAX DOLLARS GO TO FANCY HOTELS ,AND STREET AND PAYING MAYOR BIG CASH … BUT YOU COMPLAIN ABOUT US .. be the issue, > STILL SAYING ITS A BLACK PEOPLE ISSUE? PLEASE , we know where racism started , and segregation is clue ., children are being separated in school now white kids going to , better equiped school while oprah spending million over seas FOR WHAT ? them africans take care of they own. most of them coming over here have degrees , so lack of schooling and degrees is not the probleme in africa , ,not our fault that thier degrees aint worth a dollar over here , and they have to go back to school how else would american sensor them , and give them certain jobs , NURSING ETC TAXi CAB DRIVERS? LOL ,, ANYTHING THAT THEY can pay taxes , on ..
    its all about , not allowing americans to get jobs chinese , arabs africans get , why dont anyone say anything about asians hiring only asian in their stores and restaurant to preserve an image isnt that the same thing we accuse the WHITE MAN OF .. LOOK like they adapted a white man , plann to me , and it work , you dont see , eeoc at their door, or the state denying a license to them for not hiring enough blacks or whites or spanish , what makes them so priveleged thats still destrimination period ….not to mention they use their own money to open up these businesses, those are not poor folks coming here they come here with money to open up NAIL PARLORS , GROCERY STORES , AND 7-11 STORES . dont get me started


  2. britishrose on January 19, 2015 at 10:44 pm

    other foreigners come over here and ask for citizenship but dont celebrate martin luther king day , they dont close shop down , period . most of them have no clue why we feel so strongly about this , we are the promise land they tried hard to make it to ., what if they come here and there was no promise land, we didnt allow them to open chinese restaurant or nigerian stores, what if all that was against our policy they would go back home in a heart beat , african americans belong on this soil we built the white house even ., slaves built the white house , so dont tell me we are not the fabric of america , yes whites wish they can shipp up back to africa but hell africans dont even claim us . we are americans in the same form as a white person , we are just entitled to fairness and justice as anyone else is . period