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5 things you didn’t know about Hill Harper


Hill Harper recently sat down with rolling out for an interview that took place in New York. Harper, star of the new film The Boy Next Door, shared several interesting details about his life.

Here are five things you didn’t know about Hill Harper.

His personal favorite film is about basketball

“I can watch He Got Game over and over again. I think it’s a great film and I enjoyed shooting that. So whenever I watch it, it reminds me of the time  we shot it. We had such a good time. We shot the whole film on Coney Island. It was my first time working with Denzel Washington. He’s a mentor and someone that I look up to. He’s someone I would want to emulate my career after. So that was a special time for me shooting that film.”

He believes that he can beat his friend, President Obama, in a basketball game

“One-on-one, who wins between me and President Obama? He’s older than me. I mean age speaks volumes when it comes to athletes and I’m significantly better. So that’s just the way it is. So I win, there’s no question about the fact that I win. He’s taller than me, his arm are longer, but just because you’re tall and your arms are long doesn’t make you a great player.”

He has a thing for ‘Purple’

“My favorite album is Purple Rain. I love Purple Rain. I love the film and I love the album. I think it’s genius. I think so many songs on the album are genius. Any artist that wants to be an artist should listen to Purple Rain. It speaks to you and is very personal. Particularly, the stories about his father. Everyone wants their father to be proud of them. For whatever reason, that resonates with me. Although my father has passed away, I would still want him to be proud of me.”

He’s a big fan of the movie too

The movie I can watch over and over is Purple Rain. I’ve probably seen Purple Rain over 25 times.

He loves to travel south of the border, but needs to brush up on the language

“I love going to Mexico. I’ve been all over Mexico, to different cities, different places. Since I’ve moved from New York to California years ago, getting to Mexico is easy from Southern California. There [are] so many Latino and Hispanic people in Southern California that you meet them and you become friends and they tell you about places. I love the food, and I love discovering new places in Mexico. One of the things on my to-do list for 2015 is to learn Spanish more fluently. I kind of speak enough to get by. But I want to expand my repertoire beyond alcohol within Spanish lingo. I wanna get to a place where I can do more than ask where the bathroom is.”