Summer Alexander and Laura E. Knights talk ‘Get It Done 2015’ and Savvy Solopreneur Success


Savvy Solopreneur Success is a company founded by Solopreneurs Laura E. Knights and Summer Alexander.

Summer Alexander is the founder and CEO of Summer Alexander Research, Inc. an award-winning market research and marketing consultancy. She also is a professional speaker, trainer, workshop leader and author of the best-selling book The Little Book of Big Marketing Ideas.

Laura E. Knights has been developing business and life skills success programs for over a decade. She is owner of Laura E. Knights Coaching and Consulting and founder of the Dream Builders Master Mind Circle for new and emerging women entrepreneurs. Knights is also the creator and author of The Destined D.I.V.A. Lifestyle System, as well as co-author of The Entrepreneur Within book series.

Combined they bring the best of their signature services as small business coaches to develop trainings, events and workshops designed to help solo business owners boost profits and increase client attraction, while maintaining their sanity.

Their latest project is a full day interactive experience for solopreneurs called “Get It Done 2015.” The event is designed to help fellow business owners clarify priorities, get organized, and complete critical tasks that will help move their business, ideas or dreams forward.

You both juggle a lot with your respective individual businesses. How and why did Savvy Solopreneurs Success come about?
In 2013, we were both vendors at a small business expo in Chicago. Roland Martin was the keynote speaker, and he emphasized the importance of micro business owners partnering together in order to boost their economic presence faster and more effectively. His message resonated with both of us, and we reached out to each other to talk about a possible collaboration. Our initial joint project, a four-week virtual training for solo business owners, was only supposed to be a one-time collaboration. The partnership was so effortless and fun, and we were able to help several entrepreneurs, that we decided to continue an ongoing partnership under the banner of Savvy Solopreneur Success. Since we are solopreneurs, we understand how taxing and isolating it can be at times to be both the CEO and the employee of your business. We wanted to specifically target other solopreneurs through our joint endeavor.

Together, we have combined the best of our signature services and developed training programs, events, and one-on-one offerings that help solo business owners get the systems, strategy, and support they need to move their businesses forward while maintaining a healthy work/life balance. While we both still offer services to corporations in our individual practices, we made a decision to join our efforts in our work with solo business owners.

What can you tell us about the upcoming Get It Done 2015 event?
Get It Done 2015 is a one-of-kind business implementation intensive to help entrepreneurs overcome procrastination and cross off critical items on their to-do list. We find that so many entrepreneurs attend trainings and conferences and gather tons of information, but fail to implement things they’ve learned. They get stuck in a constant cycle of learning, but stall on taking action that will make them more money and grow their business.

Attendees will receive direction from us, masterminding time with like-minded entrepreneurs, and most importantly, leave the session with 1-2 important tasks completed. This may include a marketing action plan, editorial calendar for a blog or social media posts, updated pricing plan, launch schedule for a new offering, a prospecting plan to attract new clients, etc. Since the event is focused on getting work done right in the session, it’s appropriate for both new and seasoned entrepreneurs.

What’s the last great book you’ve read?

Summer: I was really inspired by the latest release from T.D. Jakes called Instinct: The Power to Unleash Your Inborn Drive. This is a great read for entrepreneurs, as it reminds us to tap into our God-given talents and abilities to release our full potential.

Laura: I recently read Listen to Your Heart by Kenneth Hagin, a spiritual text that encourages self-assessment. It helped me to realize that achieving true balance starts with taking care of myself spiritually.

Name one book other “solopreneurs” should read?
Both of us are major fans of The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber.  It’s a must-read for all entrepreneurs. The E-Myth serves as a guide for solopreneurs who struggle with balancing the day-to-day operations of the business with being the visionary and strategist of the business as well.

How do you effectively manage your time?
Partnering together has done wonders for our time management. We are able to share the workload, and maximize our individual strengths by dividing tasks accordingly. Additionally, we believe in staying in our lane by outsourcing tasks that are outside of our expertise, such as graphic design, public relations, accounting, and administrative duties.

What’s next for you individually and for Savvy Solopreneurs Success?
Laura: In my individual consulting practice, we have an arm that provides leadership and staff development training for corporations. In addition to Savvy Solopreneur Success projects, I’m looking forward to growing that component of my company, and working with more organizations to help them maximize their human capital resources.

Summer: In addition to our joint Savvy Solopreneur Success projects, I will continue my work in collaborating with large organizations to develop entrepreneurship curricula, and to teach marketing strategies to small and mid-level companies.

As for Savvy Solopreneur Success, we are excited about continuing to expand our reach and work with solopreneurs across the country. We have some new virtual trainings, joint speaking engagements, and an upcoming business retreat we will be hosting.

“Get It Done 2015” will take place on Saturday, Jan. 31 from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. at Prairie State College Conference Center located at 202 South Halsted St. in Chicago Heights, Ill. To learn more about Get It Done 2015, please visit

For more information on Savvy Solopreneur Success, please visit


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