Lana Kerr of The BOSS Network shares her journey to success

Lana Kerr
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Lana Kerr is the founder and CEO of TLK Wellness, later rebranded as Your Fat Loss Coach. She is a best-selling author and is widely regarded as one of the nation’s leading health and wellness experts.

Also a nutritional consultant, Kerr has earned a master certification as a subconscious restructuring counselor and works with thousands of clients, legendary supermodel Beverly Johnson among them, who laud her coaching methods as inspiring and motivational. Fast approaching two decades in the wellness industry, Kerr remains passionate about helping her clients achieve optimal health and thoroughly enjoys watching the transformation take place in their lives.

A wife and mother of two, Kerr considers herself a student of holistic health and is currently pursuing a Master of Science with plans to also enroll in a doctorate program. 

Walk us through your journey to success. How did you get to this point?
I grew up in a household that encouraged entrepreneurship. Both my parents are business owners. My mother is a dentist and owned her own practice, and my father owned a large dairy farm and processing plant where he supplied milk and juices to hotels and supermarkets. My father always said that the key to success is to find a need and fill it. Education was also important, so after getting my accounting degree, graduating top of my class, I worked for, at the time, one of the top CPA firms in the country. However, my need was derived from a very tragic situation in our family, my brother got sick and that lead me on the wellness path. I studied online and obtained various nutrition certifications and life coaching certifications while I worked as a financial consultant. Then my husband and I opened our first clinic 14 years ago. Our focus was helping our clients understand how to eat and get rid of emotional eating. In our constant research and quest to improve our services, we discovered a treatment that changed the course of our business. It made us a well-recognized authority on weight loss and fat loss. I am proud to have helped thousands to correct or improve on their eating habits as well as obtain their ideal weight.

What do you do to stay on top of your game?
I am always reading, researching and doing continuing education; as well as constantly reinventing myself to stay current with the needs of the people we serve. Also by utilizing improvements in technology, we make things easier for our clients and expand our ability to help people.

How do you balance your personal life with your professional?
This is very challenging. So although [as] a wellness-health coach I help my clients to do this, it is something that I personally keep having to adjust in my own life. However, I remember in order to function effectively, I always need to put my mask on before I can be able to help others.  So I make sure that I take time out for spiritual things first, my family and my health and fitness. That, in turn, energizes me to then be sharp professionally.

What advice would you give to a budding entrepreneur or career woman?
The beginning of anything always will require more effort. As Brian Tracy said, “If a plane went any less than full throttle, it would never reach takeoff speed.” So be prepared to work hard and also always cultivate a good reputation, because cream always rises to the top!

What does being a BOSS mean to you?
I see it as a privileged responsibility. I feel the need to always live with integrity and be a leader. Being a leader means teaching by example.

For more information about Lana Kerr, please visit or follow her on Twitter at @FatFree4Life

The BOSS Network is a community of career and entrepreneurial women who support each other through conversation, online and event-based networking. Their mission is to promote and encourage the small business spirit and professional development of women. For more information on The BOSS Network, please visit

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