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Music » DJ Mister Cee explains Hot 97 resignation

DJ Mister Cee explains Hot 97 resignation

Hot 97/YouTube

Famous former Hot 97 DJ, Mister Cee, shocked fans and colleagues alike in November when he abruptly resigned from his post at the venerable radio station after 20 years. Although Mister Cee previously spoke briefly about his resignation, he recently discussed in detail why he chose to leave the radio titan.

In a new interview with his former Hot 97 boss Karlie Hustle, Mister Cee revealed that it wasn’t a hard decision for him to leave Hot 97.

“Honest to God it wasn’t hard because it was something I thought about five years prior,” Cee said. “It was on my mind [for five years] that I wanted to leave Hot 97 but the one person that kept holding me back — not holding me back, the person that kept saying, ‘Let’s stick this out’—was Flex. Funkmaster Flex was just like, ‘Please, let’s ride this out.’ My whole thing was that I didn’t wanna be on Hot 97 at 50 years old. I’m 48. No matter how much you could be in a great situation for the moment, are you gonna be in that good situation five years from now? As much as people may look at it as Hot 97 is all I know, I been there for so long, ‘Can he take the jump and do something else?’ ” Cee explained.

Although Cee was certain that it was time to leave Hot 97, he says he was still worried about how his career would fare after he left.

“I was scared as s—,” he said. “I literally slept every night for say two weeks with my heart just fluttering. Couldn’t sleep all the way through the night. I literally slept for two weeks like that, not knowing what my next move was gonna be or just the fate of the unknown.”

But that’s not all that Cee addressed in his interview. Read what he had to say about his sexuality and his infamous arrests for soliciting transgender prostitutes after the cut.

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