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How viewing sports and entertainment action is made easy with SuiteHop


There is nothing like the live action of sports and entertainment. But the experience can be enhanced when witnessing an event while in a luxury suite.

During a recent NBA game at Philips Arena in Atlanta, our publication got the opportunity to checkout the Atlanta Hawks vs. Toronto Raptors in a suite provided by SuiteHop.

Along with watching the surging Hawks in action, there was also a halftime presentation that paid homage to Civil Rights leaders such as John Lewis, Andrew Young, and Joseph Lowery. It was an important occasion and eventful evening.

SuiteHop allows fans the opportunity to experience premium suites at major arenas across the nation at an affordable price. Along with sporting events, SuiteHop also provides suites for concerts that feature major artists and recording stars. The suites that are provided are often difficult to access.

“SuiteHop has tackled an issue that no one has before—providing fans with an accessible and affordable way to experience suites that are normally sold on a single or multi-year basis,” said SuiteHop CEO Todd Lindenbaum. “We’ve built phenomenal relationships with teams, venues and suite owners that are willing to make their suites available to a broader universe of businesses and individuals through our online marketplace.”