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Is Kelly Osbourne quitting ‘Fashion Police’ over Zendaya drama?

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Following the controversy surrounding the comments made about Zendaya Coleman’s dreadlock hairstyle by “Fashion Police” co-host Giuliana Rancic, Kelly Osbourne took a stand against racism and threatened to quit the show.

“The situation is being rectified like adults by both parties. I hope you can leave it to them and do the same,” the British TV personality tweeted on Tuesday. Osbourne continued to fuel the fire by reminding fans that she is a friend of the “K.C. Undercover” actress — and questioning staying on the show unless the situation is resolved.

The drama began when Rancic made a distasteful comment about Coleman’s hair on Monday night’s episode, claiming she looked like her hair smelled of “patchouli” or “weed.”

Without naming Rancic, the “KC Undercover” star used Instagram to school the red carpet correspondent about the history of locs and politely slammed her “outrageously offensive” critique. “There is a fine line between what is funny and disrespectful,” she wrote.

Rancic, 40, later backpedaled and quickly apologized for her statements via Twitter, claiming that she was simply commenting on the overall “bohemian chic look.”