Jaden Smith denies gay rumors


Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are no strangers to gay rumors, and now it seems that their son, Jaden Smith, is being subjected to them too because a webloid recently claimed that he came out of the closet online.

Earlier this week, Smith wished his friend, Tyler, The Creator, a happy birthday on Twitter with an odd and humorous tweet.

Jaden Smith - Birthday Tweet To Tyler

However, once the tweet was posted, webloids begin speculating that the tweet was Smith’s way of coming out as gay. Although Will and Jada have been open about being OK with having gay and bisexual kids, according to Gossip Cop, a spokesperson for their family responded to the rumors and claimed that “There’s no truth to any of it.”

Considering how open-minded the Smith family is, we doubt that anyone in the family would have any hesitation about coming out if they were in fact gay or bisexual. But as the folks at Gossip Cop explained, the tweet seems like nothing more than a lighthearted and playful message to a friend.

Nicholas Robinson
Nicholas Robinson

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