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From lovers to friends, Tasha Smith and Michael Jai White make comedic magic on TV

Edwina Findley Dickerson and Aiden Turner (‘If Loving You Is Wrong’)

Cast members from the Tyler Perry’s entertainment provisions: “If Loving You Is Wrong” and “For Better or Worse,” joined a host of media on Tuesday, March 24, 2015 at Atlanta’s Twelve hotel located at Atlantic Station.

“For Better or Worse” actors Michael Jai White (who plays Marcus Williams) and Tasha Smith (Angela Williams)  as well as “If Loving You Is Wrong” actors Aiden Turner (Brad) and Edwina Findley Dickerson (Kelly) provided show updates and discussed career highlights.

What to expect this season…

“If Loving You Is Wrong:” Intense Drama as each of the five women find their way either through new love and find themselves after losing love, all while being moms. After Brad finds out his wife’s cheating during the season opener, all emotions let loose. Secrets will be revealed.

“For Better or Worse:” Keisha divorces Richard and takes half of everything he has, resulting in Richard living with Angela and Marcus temporarily, while Joseph and Leslie adjust to being egaged. Expect lots more laughs this season.

Michael Jai White and Tasha Smith share a laugh
Michael Jai White and Tasha Smith share a laugh

Have to mention…

All actors expressed how much they feel like a family on Tyler Perry’s sets.

It gets hard for the characters of “If Loving You Is Wrong,” considering this is a different role from what they have usually done. One of the harder parts is to play a role completely opposite of their character, and even more, play roles while they are dealing with stresses, turmoil and losses of their own, Turner and Dickerson point out.

Smith and White feel right at home. They agree it is like coming to the second home or going to work to be with friends while on set. It’s fun for them and it shows in their episodes. Smith also lets us know she is happily divorced and White tells how much he appreciates the women for portraying various emotions on show.


Both Smith and Dickerson have actor studios and conduct workshops to give back and help people grow in their artistic craft. There’s Tasha Smith Actor’s Workshop and Abundant Life University (Dickerson), both are based in California. White, has a production company, which allows him the flexibility to act and be a mixed martial artist. Turner enjoys being a single dad to his daughter.

photos and editorial contribution by Zaakirah Muhammad,

“If Loving You Is Wrong” season premiere was Tuesday, March 24 10 ET/9 CT

“For Better or Worse” season premiere is Friday, March 27 at 9 ET/8 CT

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