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Mo’Nique presents evidence Lee Daniels offered her ‘Empire’ role

Photo Credit: Sway In The Morning YouTube Screenshot

For months now, Mo’Nique has been in a high-profile feud with TV and film producer Lee Daniels after he claimed that she had been blackballed in Hollywood for having a bad attitude. The feud worsened when Daniels and his business partner, Danny Strong, denied Mo’Nique’s claims that she was offered the pivotal role of Cookie Lyon in “Empire.” Now, Mo’Nique has spoken out again and this time she’s provided evidence that she was offered the role in “Empire”

During a recent interview on “Sway in the Morning,” Mo’Nique explained why it was so important to try and clear her name after being bashed by Daniels and Strong.

“You know when I heard Danny Strong had come on the show and was adamant about ‘Mo’Nique was never offered that role’ and he’d gone on other places and said it, and I tweeted that brother and said, ‘Will you speak as loudly when you understand that you’re telling something that’s not correct?’ ” Mo’Nique said.

“When he began to say things that just weren’t true, that’s when I had to say ‘Brother, I can’t allow you to do that.’ Because when you start putting my character on the line — and I take pride in my career, I take pride in my integrity, I take pride in my character — but when you put it on the line like that and people begin to question me about my character — and these aren’t strangers, these are folks that know me. We done been in conversations, we done broke bread together. So, I wanted to bring the emails to you. And you can read them publicly or privately. I just wanted to put it out there. Hey guys, clear my name. That’s it,” Mo’Nique added.

Afterward, Mo’Nique presented emails from a rep from Daniels’ office. Read the emails after the cut.

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