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D.L. Hughley reveals how Mo’Nique ruined his relationship with his daughter

‘Kings of Comedy’ star says it’s been weeks since his daughter talked to him and that he’ll ‘never forgive’ Mo’Nique for that

D.L. Hughley and Mo’Nique have a feud that has gone on since 2022 — and it’s affecting his relationship with his oldest daughter.

In an interview on “The Jason Lee Show,” Hughley, who turned 61 on Wednesday, opened up about his and his daughter’s relationship and how Mo’Nique’s recent interview with Shannon Sharpe re-opened some problems within the family.

“Whatever was said is not for me. Whatever was said opened up a wound in my daughter that we’re arguing about right now,” Hughley said, referring to Mo’Nique mentioning their feud on “Club Shay Shay.” “I never had much in my life, but the love of my children I always had. If something jeopardizes that, I can never forgive you for that.

“Before it happened, I knew it was going to happen. My daughter called me and said, ‘This is going to happen.’ She’s in therapy, crying, and she knew people were going to automatically know what had happened to her before. And I’ll never forgive you for that. Now, I’m in a compromised situation. I love my children and to feel like I couldn’t protect them … [T]hat plays all over and over again [and] is something I won’t forgive you for.”

How feud started between Hughley, Mo’Nique

The feud between Hughley and Mo’Nique started in 2022 when the actor brought up that Hughley didn’t want to perform because she was headliner instead of him. Mo’Nique took things further later on Instagram when she mentioned Hughley’s daughter, claiming that someone he knew had sexually abused her.

“When my husband & I say we have to fight for the little girls coming up behind us & u see DL didn’t believe his own daughter over a friend because he seemingly likes his friend more than he LOVED HIS OWN DAUGHTER & didn’t want to be bothered by the inconvenient truth,” Mo’Nique said in the caption. “This highlights why the BLACK WOMEN isn’t believed when she publicly speaks about her trauma.”

Hughley responded on his radio show, saying that Mo’Nique didn’t have her facts straight and that he’d never invite her on his show. Hughley’s oldest daughter, Ryan Nicole Shepard, also responded to Mo’Nique on Instagram at that time.

“You’re disgusting and you absolutely need to keep every single member of MY family’s name out of your poisonous mouth,” Shepard said. “Not because you can do us harm, you can’t. But because you are adding to the historical and systematic disrespect and trauma of other Black women … whom you claim to love. And for what? A check?”

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  1. If you had a relationship another person would break that if it was solid. You are whiny and also run your mouth a lot.

  2. I don’t know what happened but if he’s correct then Mo’Nique shouldn’t have brought his daughter up if the feud was between them.
    I would never reveal that a person had gotten raped without her permission and I sure wouldn’t reveal that I thought her Dad didn’t believe her

    1. Hugely first told it during an interview that he didn’t believe his daughter over his friend who assaulted her….he continued to be friends with the dude. So he allowed his daughter to not only suffer at the hands of his friend but also at the hands of him. When Monique spoke his daughter heard load and clear ” yo daddy didn’t believe you but I did” her speaking on this let her daughter see that her father failed her when she needed himost and that needed to be said so her therapy can include it.

      1. Just stop, Monique didn’t even raise her own child. She needs to be quiet and try being a mother. Facts

        1. It Doesn’t matter if she raised her child or not she’s still speaking the truth. She had something to say about it just like you did in your comment no one asked you but you said how you felt!

          1. There’s an old saying before you can clean my backyard, look at yours. Monique had no business talking about someone else’s life. Why can’t people mind their own business when it has nothing to do with them?

          2. Lol I have to say you are correct with that one. People always saying why someone said whatever but then they make a statement and put their opinion out there. No one ask for anyone opinion but it’s given. He responded like Monique did but he said she shouldn’t have but he shouldn’t have either.

          3. In that moment Monique should have recalled how she felt when Oprah trotted her family out to dredge up her private matters. It may be true, but is it Monique’s story to tell. DL’s family matters, especially his daughter’s rape should not be part of a public fued. Monique was out of order.

          4. The subject is off limits to the world. It was painful and it ripped the band-aid off a wound that’s trying to heal. It’s a low blow

        2. What you said about mo not raising her own kids may be true but that doesn’t negate the fact the DL fail his daughter!!! As a black man with 2 daughters myself if my daughter told me my friend sexually assaulted her his a** better be in hiding!!!… and I know I speak for most dad’s with girls

      2. Monique is not taking care of her own battle with her kids if she had a conflict with him there’s no way you put kids or person involved in your negative battle you don’t want to forgive your brother for what he did to you or would you claim that Oprah did to you by bringing him on the show to talk about your rape but then you turn around and bring out the situation of his daughter you wonder why people turned it back on you when you felt that you was disrespected I feel you took your anger I don’t everybody about what your brother did to you we did not do that to you your brother did I I suggest you take your anger out on your brother not the world or your kids looking down upon you as a mother I am🤔😶‍🌫️

      3. That was not her place. As you can see the girl was angry that she did, put her business in the street. Ok, you were their for her at a time she needed it. Where or not her dad talked about it, she shouldn’t have. Your feud is with him not his daughter. She trying to hurt him by any means possible, even if it means using his child. Some love for your sister. With love like that we don’t need!!!!!

      4. Correct, and I’m tired of these parents who fail at doing their job, always looking for someone else to blame for their parental failures.

      5. Please stop…. Monique didn’t even care for her own kids so she damn sure wasn’t worried about his…. She did it to be spiteful

      6. Even if he did as you and Monique said, that is not your place. That was a private matter between a parent and a child and strangers who aren’t privy to all the details shouldn’t speak on it. No matter the truth. Monique HAD NO BUSINESS bringing that up in a public forum.

      7. Wrong, she had no right to place that young woman information out there again. If she cared so much, she should have contacted her privately.

    2. What happen was-and this is on video you can Google it- his daughter got molested by a close family friend and he didn’t believe her- years later Monique did bring it up to make a point about him- but blaming her for something you initially did to your daughter isn’t right. If you would have believed her she may not have had to go to therapy. Yes Monique is wrong for using that to justify her point but as that young woman dad- he abandoned her the day he didn’t believe her!

  3. Dang monique,it is starting to be too much now ! I am a fan and I know very well how some people US act when they have made it .Don’t let your discontent continue and stop your money from coming in

    1. Hugely first told the world during an interview that he didn’t believe his daughter when she told him his friend sexually assaulted her.when Monique spoke she pretty much was opening his daughters eyes to realize your father and protector failed you. Also letting Hugely know what a weak ass excuse for a man he was. He spoke about it first in a interview

      1. It’s one thing by letting his daughter know there’s another thing about letting the world know. She don’t even have a relationship with his daughter so she did that out of the spite SMH I’m so disappointed in her she was worse than the rapist himself weather he brought it out first that still was between him and his daughter Monique is not her mother family or anything else to that young lady she had no business hurting that child the way that she did better know she hurting her own child I’m really disappointed in her that was very very low and she shall keep on weaping what she’s sowing

        1. I agree Monique should have not mentioned that trauma his daughter went through. He had already talked about it. The girl is in therapy trying to heal from it. Why keep bringing it up!

          1. I don’t know what her point was. Especially if the young lady is in counseling. Give the family to hopefully heal. Hurt people hurt people.

        2. I agree 💯%. If youre really a protector of young babies, then she should have reached out to her in support; regardless of their now broken relationship. Instead she chose to expose this young lady to the world and left her feelings victimized over and over again. Shame on her.

      2. OK but did she have to bring it back up if it was a close case it should have stayed close Monique is wrong you mad a DL come for him not the children

      3. Regardless if he spoke about it or not… It was not Monique’s place to go there… She tried to hurt him, but ended up hurting the entire family… Shame on you Monique…

      4. Monique is a miserable woman. She pretends to be happy and successful. But she is really perpetrating what she would like to be. So she is like many people who A miserable and want everybody else to be the same. She has no boundaries for her own children so why should she care about anybody elses? Her mouth is filthy and she spews that trash in front of her children. She is an embarrassment to the women she claims she’s defending. What a joke!!

    2. Everyone she check the facts about Monique. I have a checked,and nowhere couldnt find that she lied about a thing I agree she black balled herself when she spoke about the black on in justice we d to our own people. People go way back check your facts before you judge to hard.She hasn’t made one dime for telling the truth against way she felt was wrong treatment of her,and the only thing she gained was being labeled angry black women.

      1. Facts! She’s just setting things straight and Nobody likes the real Truth! HE exposed His Daughter’s story or there would ve been Nothing to report. I feel for the young lady for anyone’s Trauma is just that, not for Somebody else’s Recreation! But sometimes facts are just facts.

    1. Hugely was the one who told the world about his daughter being molested and how he took his friends side. Monique was checking him on it and at the same time validating his daughter as a victim of his friend. His daughter isn’t talking to him because Monique made her realize that her father also traumatized her. What kind of no good man chooses his friend over his daughter.

      1. I don’t care if huck the puppy told it first it was not her place dame come on people you don’t know WHT this child and her dad discusse to mend this issue you see she coming to her family defense

      2. Ms. Mills you are the only one here that understands and makes sense, now I don’t agree with neither nor DL was first speaking publicly about on his daughters’ trauma but let’s face couldn’t everybody commenting be considered guilty for keeping the trauma alive by continuing a conversation about it and keeping it alive, let’s be smart about…Amen

      3. Monique told Oprah about her Rape in Confidence and Oprah betrayed her by interviewing her Rapist on National TV. So for her to go after DL’s Daughter in her Beef with DL spiteful. Imagine if DL called her Brother and brought him on his show to talk about Monique…….🤔

    2. I agree 💯this was low but there is Karma her oldest son don’t speak to her either and he is talking out loud fr fr

  4. Monique violated DL Hughley beyond words. You never talk about the children. I pray that DL and his daughter can mend their relationship. I also pray that Monique learns when enough is enough.

    1. dL spoke about it first to the world and Monique ta told him what a sorry man he was not to protect his daughter. She called the coward out in front of the world. He was the first to put his daughters biz out

      1. Why cause she mad why she did not say something when he said it now you mad and you poured salt on a open wound now she wonder why no one f with her

        1. That’s because the interview didn’t happen back then. She felt that way at that time but wasn’t asked about it then. See people always have a problems when someone else feels a certain way about things

    2. I don’t know what it would take to put Mo’Nique in her place. Sis, enough is Enough! All this ranting and raving is not helping you any. Make peace and live in your lane.

  5. Monique only repeated what D.L. had said himself about his own daughter. A check and friendship meant more to him at the time instead of standing up for his daughter. Instead he flipped it on his daughter. I can understand why, she has been in therapy all these years. She was another “PRECIOUS”! Only difference, baby girl got shut down by her own father. I cringe everytime I think of it myself. Being an innocent child being left to defend herself. The truth hurts don’t it D.L.!@


  6. I feel that even though DL shared the story previously, it should have only been spoken about from him & not Monique. She should not be checking him on anything, unless he said something specifically about her. To open that family trauma back up again is just wrong in every way 😵‍💫🫤😱

  7. What ever was going on with that family, it wasn’t Monique’s place to comment on it publicly. Say in your lane sis🤬🤬

    1. DL told it first to the world that he didn’t believe his own daughter…Monique talked about it later just to say what a sorry excuse for a man he was. She never put it out first he did. It was disrespectful for him to cast his daughters trauma over the world…and weak and stupid enough to tell the world he trusted his friend more than his.daighter

      1. Just stop, Monique didn’t even raise her own child. She needs to be quiet and try being a mother. Facts

        1. She and her whole family,especially oldest son is at odds as we speak, just because we know that ,would that give us the right to get on stage and dog her family and children out some things you just don’t do,therefore all that preaching that she was doing about protecting the next generation was BS. She showed herself.

      2. See thats what happens when.people twist the truth, when DL spoke about his daughter, he was taking accountability for that situation,he can speak on it ,it was his situation. Monique and noone else has the right to speak on that,it was his family dynamics.

      3. Yes ma’am.. I was molested at 12yrs.old by a close family member..I am 63 now…and when I read or hear things concerning molestation,it takes me right back to 12yrs.old..People this is not a game..this can mess you up for life..cuz if it wasn’t for Jesus and my Mama I don’t know where I would be right now..and therapy!! I’m praying for her..🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️❤️

      4. Do u happen to know where I can find clip of him saying this about his daughter. I am sorry but I find it super hard to believe he would do something so awful. I don’t put anything past Monique but DL naw.

      5. Get a life . You are responding at 1 in the morning. Monique has beefs with several people but she is not at fault?

  8. That was a low blow Monique especially when you and your son are having family issues. Your fight should have been just between you and DL, I’m sure you will lose a lot of respect from fans, you don’t get messy with ppls kids.

  9. I think his daughter was left with pain and confusion when her father failed her
    Monique simply validated her as being right to feel the way she felt…now she can include that in her healing process how her father was a coward. The girl can’t suffer any more than being back stabbed by her father…that’s the real pain. If they are not speaking it’s because Monique validated his
    daughters feeling towards him. She should have.
    Just because it’s your father don’t mean he loves
    you or respects you as a woman. One day this young lady will grow up and thank Monique for standing for her

    1. This young trying to put this crap behind her and heal. Who are we to tell her how to heal. I don’t give a rats azz as to her father is or the Sam Hell he did or didn’t do for his daughter, the damage is done and who are we to bring up her trauma again and again. Let this child her way!!!!!

  10. Monique didn’t even raise her own child. She needs to be quiet and try being a mother. Leave that family alone.

  11. DL is deflecting and using Monique as the escape goat because after all he put it out there first. Let’s be real and honest. I don’t care who you are friend, family or stranger if you cause sexual harm to my child you must be remove permanently. Question is he still friends with that person.

  12. Sad situation! Real talk if a man doesn’t have enough BALLS TO STAND UP FOR HIS DAUGHTER WHO WAS VIOLATED, then that same person must have gotten some from the Daddy also. Daddy must like the peanut butter also. He got his coming. Some body , a cousin ,an uncle, some one in the family Will handle the wrong that’s been done. That picture with the dad doing the sucking.

  13. SMH hughley already sadly spoke about it publicly I’m sure he’s suffering about the situation God and his child is who he has to answer to… Monique not your place to pour salt that’s his family work on your own 😞 🙏🏾 For unity in this world the devil is a lie coming for family relationship and especially our children 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  14. THIS WHOLE ENTIRE PARTTTTTTTT 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯‼️‼️💯💯‼️🙄 Monique is IRKSOME sometimes, Just mad at the World ,and then take it out on EVERYbody. Go get it Hobby Honey‼️🥴👋🏽🤏🏽👎🏽✌🏽

  15. The only one who has a right to speak about this is his daughter. Both he and Mon’que are out of order. She should only be speaking out about what is between her and DL.

  16. This is so wrong 😑 on so many levels. Monique had no right to say anything about what happen to DL daughter. Monique relationship with her son is not good. Monique is miserable and misery likes company. Take care of your home Monique before destroying someone else home.🤦🏽‍♀️😳🥺😥

  17. 1st off! It wasn’t Monique’s place to discuss DL’s family business on Club Shay! Anything she had or needed to say should have about her and DL situation! Using his daughter’s unfortunate situation just to make DL look bad actually made Monique look bad & petty! His family had nothing to do with his business decision towards Monique! She just made it personal!

  18. Do you people ever read what you wrote.
    The man protected his friend over the words of HIS daughter.
    He should be ridiculed !!!
    Cedric, Steve, and Dl will ALL
    Make statements attempting to protect their names and reputations, WHICH INCLUDES LYING 🤥

  19. Everyone is blaming Monique. Whatever is going on with DL and his daughter is on him. There would be nothing to say if he had not put that out in an interview himself. He is spinning it as if it was a secret that Monique knew and told the public.

    The moment he put it out to the public, it became fair use.

    As for Monique, she shouldn’t have said it but I also think people are forgetting thw same thing happened to her with her family so she could be projecting her anger towards DL for what happened to her. But should she have brought it up? NO!

  20. God and the universe gives us everything we ask for: Money, fame, doing what we enjoy to make a living for ourselves and our families. What do we do in return? Hurt one another and tear each other down; write and say vicious things about each other. So sad. What is wrong with people?

  21. Social media has become a platform to castigate people you don’t know. It is judgmental and filled with enuendo’s, criticism and lies and oozing with hate. I like DL but his has ripped some people on his platform who are still attending to their wounds. He has said some awful things about Monique. None of us know what type of parent Monique is you don’t live in her house. MANY parents have strained relationships with their children for whatever reason. DL should have never put his daughter’s business on the airwaves especially since he failed to believe her. Si he can’t put this all on Monique. He and his daughter still have bleeding because he didn’t believe her. He should stop winning this is the price of fame. Own it. Let’s stop judging people we don’t know!

  22. When you comment about “people” on social media are you commenting on the part of their situation that is a relatable part of the human experience or are you pretending to actually know that person?

    I tend to think about the relatable ideas and not so much about the actual people.

    1. Abuse is not a secret it is a crime. I am ‘happy’ that this type of abuse and ensuing denials by family members is in the public forum.

    2. Witness our interconnected pain. I am ‘happy’ that a victim of abuse has the courage to keep this in the public forum (this is painful for her too).

    3. I am ‘happy’ that an imperfect person is showing that (contrary to common Bible interpretations) you can speak about something related to parenting even if your own parenting is not perfect.

    4. I am ‘happy’ that a father has spoken about how his great failing may have led to his daughter being repeatedly violated.

    Why? Because these dialogues are helpful to others who can relate.

    I am sorry that these three very real people are suffering so much pain at the hands of only two abusers (Monique’s family members and DLs friend). May they find peace even if they don’t find a way to reconnect with their loved ones in order to build the bond that they imagine could have been.

    I thank them for sharing their pain with those of us who can learn from it and use it to start healing conversations and processes. That’s how I view social media. You?

  23. Prayers for the daughter, it’s difficult for a father whether he was informed or didn’t act immediately about her cry for help. Life long healing, trust, and therapy, but leave it out of interviews and social media. Most people that experience trauma like this have different ways to cope, always get permission to use there information, leave children out of comedians arguments.

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