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Mayweather-Pacquiao fight to air for free in Mexico

Phot credit: A.R. Shaw for Steed Media Service

Who’s running to the border with me Friday night to see the Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao fight? All I need is airfare to LAX from Atlanta, and then a group of us can carpool down to Tjiuana to view the fight absolutely free. It’s the deal of the century to see the fight of the year. On second thought, I better make arrangements for plan B and maybe view it at Wet Willie’s on Piedmont Road instead.

Watching 5-foot-8 Floyd Mayweather take on 5-foot-6 Manny Pacquiao may require lots of martinis with an extra shot of tequila per drink. However, I am willing to switch up my drink for the night since the official drink sponsor of the fight is the Mexican beer Tecate. I’m still wondering how the World Boxing Council pulled off getting the Mexican television networks Azteca and Televisa to become one of the five main sponsors of the fight when neither boxer is from Mexico? Floyd Mayweather and the Moneyteam must have gone to Mexico and dropped a pretty penny in the strip club. Whatever the case, three cheers to Mexico for being one of the reasons this long overdue, highly anticipated fight will go down.

What to expect from the fight?

Since Mayweather is 47-0 but Pacquiao has 57 wins, I’m not sure whether I should bet on the fact that Pacquiao has 38 knockouts or roll with Mayweather since he’s undefeated with 28 knockouts.  Pacquiao is two years younger than Floyd, so he may have a tad more youthful punch in his swing; however Floyd is 2 inches taller than Pacquiao with a longer reach (72 inches to Pacquiao’s 67 inches).

The most titles and wins? Who’s earned the most money? 

I could base my bet around Floyd having 24 world titles and Pacquiano only five less. Then again, we could always go by which one of these shorties are standing on the biggest stack of chips with Mayweather earning $420 million and Pacquiao $380 million. But what’s anybody’s bankroll have to do with their skills in the ring?

Predictions have it 200/1 Mayweather will win in the first 60 seconds. Wouldn’t this be a memorable night? Who are you placing your bet on?

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