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Eva Marcille talks about her role at screening for ‘Sister Code’

Eva Marcille breaking down her character Photo Credit: Jonell Media PR via Steed Media
Eva Marcille, left (Photo Credit: Jonell Media PR for Steed Media Service)

Eva Marcille, Amber Rose and Drew Sidora star in the movie Sister Code, which is currently playing in AMC theaters nationwide. On May 1 Atlanta was one of the cities privileged to be selected for a private screening. Preceding the movie, a panel discussion hosted by Bossip’s Janeé Bolden took place with Eva Marcille; photographer-videographer Michael Mosley; and writer Walter Mosley. A brief Q-and-A with the audience followed. Michael spoke about how overwhelming the entire film project was.

Marcille commended the amazing job Michael did as photographer. “Mike’s job is the hardest when shooting a film. As a director, you are trying to do your job, as a photographer-videographer; you are just trying to do your job” as a producer you are also just trying to do your job. My job as an actor is to figure out how to make his moment work. It’s like how in the hell did you capture that feature while all these other things are going on? While the producer is producing and all these other moving component’s are happening?” she said.

Marcille plays Sheila, a high-profile publicist. Asked by an audience member about her inspiration in preparing for the role, she responded, “Naturally, in Hollywood in life;  I come from very humble beginnings, went to college very young, graduated from Spelman in Atlanta. Sheila was who I am. I am Sheila. I am the women who inspired my life. It’s my mother, my aunt, my grandmother, They are all very assertive, astute and sincere. Sheila, she is all about what she mapped out in life to be. Usually, that comes from not coming from much and wanting more out of life. The world may see you as very hard but that’s just your tactic to get what you want. I am Sheila.”

The storyline is about three foster sisters who were fighting to fulfill their dreams and establish their own way in the world while chasing their personal dreams. The sisters’ foster mother dies, but they retain the lesson she taught them to always be there for each other. he uniqueness of the film was each sister was very different and the director did a great job displaying their personalities on screen and lifestyle preferences of all three; while still showing how the bond of sisterhood they shared and love for each other is what helped them grow stronger.

Eva Marcille (Sheila) is the shrewd businesswoman. Amber Rose (Lexi) is the free spirit floating through life at the expense of everyone else and Drew Sidora (Lavae) is the caregiver and nuturer of the three. The movie is a story about love, deceit and tragedy.

Sister Code was a delightful fun comedy to watch that put me in the mind frame of the work of screenwriter Gary Hardwick’s Deliver Us From Eva. Watch out Gary, Spike Lee, Malcom Lee and Billy Woodruff, there are new movie sheriffs in town.

Director Corey Grant and Writer Walter Moseley on stage with Janay from Bossip - Photo Credit: Jonell Media PR
Writer Walter Moseley, and director Corey Grant on stage with Janée Bolden from Bossip (Photo Credit: Jonell Media PR for Steed Media Service)

Executive producers Don Hale Jr., writer Walter Mosley along with director Corey Grant did an excellent job on the overall storyline and cinematography for Sister Code.

The purple carpet premiere in Los Angeles was graced by all the female stars (and we had no idea Drew Sidora is pregnant — congrats Drew), and their co-stars Marcus Paulk and Amin Joseph attended as well.

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