College students allegedly forced to strip and undergo vaginal exams during class

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Two female college students are suing their school after allegedly being forced to undergo vaginal examinations. According to reports by WPTV, the incidents took place at Valencia College in Orlando, Florida.

The students were learning how to perform medical procedures like those conducted by sonography technicians and would often practice on each other. The school’s faculty suggested that vaginal probes were voluntary and would occur once per week.

However, some students believed they were manipulated into taking part in the procedures and were threatened with the possibility of bad grades. The students would have to disrobe in a restroom and cover themselves with towels. The would be examined with a vaginal probe as students and faculty members watched. A condom would be placed over the probe and lubrication would be added. When there were difficulties inserting the probe, some students were sexually stimulated so that the probe would enter more easily.

The lawsuit also claims that the students were harassed by a professor named Barbara Ball. Ball reportedly called one of the defendants “sexy” and said she would make a great escort.

Valencia College issued a statement supporting the practice of using students in sonography training, but they are conducting their own investigation regarding how the training was conducted at their school.

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