White biker thugs get different form of media coverage

WFAA News broadcast screenshot

After being widely reported by multiple media outlets, most people are aware of the huge biker brawl that left nine people dead, dozens wounded and at least 192 arrests in Waco, Texas. The fight started in the bathroom of the Twin Peaks restaurant and spilled out into the parking lot. The bikers used guns, knives, brass knuckles and chains to inflict massive devastation. Some of the injured sustained multiple injuries that included gunshots, knife wounds and blunt force trauma, some had a combination of all three. The gathering was billed as the  Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents Bikers Conference, an event that has taken place for 18 years.

The police were aware of the gathering and were stationed on the scene, and reacted within seconds when the violence started. That’s when the bikers turned their attention to the police and engaged in a gun battle. CNN is now reporting that at least four of the dead may have been killed by law enforcement.

Bail has been set at $640,000 to $1 million for those arrested on multiple charges, including organized crime leading to capital murder. The FBI has warned Texas law enforcement that more bikers may be on their way to the state after intelligence traffic caught word of instructions being sent to biker chapters. The gangs involved were the Bandidos, the Cossacks and the Scimitars; all of the gangs have been under continuous surveillance by law enforcement in the past.

But the way law enforcement in Waco handled those arrested has drawn scrutiny. Many were seen sitting on the ground using cellphones and engaging in conversation with each other. Unlike in Ferguson, Missouri, there was no show of militarized police even though it was known that these bikers would be armed and in massive numbers. Perhaps it was the fact that the vast majority of these bikers were White as was the police force. One only needs to imagine what would happen if there was a meeting of the Bloods, Crips and Vice Lords at a bar that caters to their culture and customs.

Strangely, mainstream media is not referring to these White bikers as thugs; there is no outcry about these White hoodlums and gangbangers. Why is their form of social media justice different from Black? NBC News described the incident as a “rumble” and “shootout.” There was no mention of White-on-White crime or the criminality of this aspect of White culture, despite the massive arrests and dead bodies that littered the grounds of the business. Some of the bodies were dragged behind dumpsters in an effort to hide the murders. But there has been no outrage from conservative hosts Limbaugh, O’Reilly or Hannity, apparently that is solely reserved for Black crime.

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