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Project Curve Appeal empowers women to embrace their curves

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Many women struggle with body image and self-image issues. Luckily, Project Curve Appeal is here to help women feel good about the skin they are in.  Project Curve Appeal’s campaign manager, Jackie Paytes; and executive director, Yolanda Givens, shed some insight on the organization created to support curvy women. Check out the interview.

What exactly is Project Curve Appeal?

Jackie Paytes: Project Curve Appeal is a national organization whose mission is to correct the distorted perception of curvy women around the world. We do that through empowerment, community service and educating society as a whole.

Yolanda Givens: We teach women that you don’t have to be a size two to be beautiful, and [we] inspire women to embrace the body that they’re in. We also encourage women size 16, 18, even 20 to still live a healthy lifestyle. We celebrate and embrace all women.

What inspired this powerful movement?

YG: Project Curve Appeal is the umbrella of a company called Pink City Corporation, and the founder of that organization, Bev Wilson, launched the movement in Atlanta. Originally it was a convention put together for curvy women and I think from there they realized so many women connected with [these issues]. Things really began taking off in 2010 and 2011.

What are the biggest obstacles curvy women face?

JP: I think society as a whole, because society has this perception of what beauty is. And it’s a distorted image of what beauty is. So, with us it’s about breaking down those barriers of what beauty actually is, that’s the biggest obstacle that we face. … We want women to know that this is a worldwide issue and curvy women are beautiful no matter their size. These issues aren’t isolated, curvy women are just as beautiful.

What are your future plans for Project Curve Appeal?

JP: Our motto for 2015 is next level and we’re really looking to push this brand and get the message out there. We had our curvy idol competition and we’re now in the midst of voting for cycle two. The proceeds will go to our future leaders empowerment summit; where young girls focus on self-esteem and learn how to appreciate their beauty. Project Curve Appeal strives for people to be more knowledgeable of our brand.

How can people get involved with Project Curve Appeal?

JP: People can go to our website at and search in your city if there’s a chapter available, if not, you can start your own chapter.

In many ways Project Curve Appeal educates and encourages women to have freedom and understanding that every woman is beautiful and fabulous in every way. Check out the gallery from the Curvy Idol competition.


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