Black woman fired for calling White people ‘rude’ on Facebook

Photo credit: Rochelle Robinson Facebook

A 22-year-old Black woman posted her job frustrations on Facebook and was fired for giving an opinion. According to reports by the New York Daily News, Rochelle Robinson, 22, worked at a zoo in Chicago and had to deal with a lot of issues.

She said that she was often disrespected by White customers, taunted, and had stuff thrown at her. So in a moment of anger, Robinson went to Facebook to reveal her thoughts. She posted a selfie with the caption, “Whassup y’all? At work serving these rude a– white people.”

It didn’t take long for the post to go viral and Robinson’s employer, Brookfield Zoo, discovered it after several complaints were made. Robinson was also targeted by racists who left messages that were more vicious than her initial post.

The zoo issued a statement saying Robinson violated company policy and was reprimanded for her post.

Robinson said she’s not racist and decided to leave her job because she felt she would be a target.

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