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NY rapper Moka Blast talks his music and being backed by legends

Photo: Twitter - @MokaBlast
Photo: Twitter – @MokaBlast

Queens, New York-based rapper Moka Blast is creating quite a name for himself in the music industry.

Originally born in Trinidad but bred in the QB, the 20-something emcee is often compared to two legends of the borough, LL Cool J and 50 Cent, because of his ability to appeal to both the ladies and hard-core hustlers.

Moka’s career was forever changed after earning the respect and trust of legendary party rocker CL Smooth. Taking Moka under his wing and showing the young emcee the ropes, CL has been instrumental in helping Moka navigate the industry and develop the undeniable charm that sets him apart from others.

Rolling out recently sat down with Moka to discuss his start in the music game, having legendary mentors, and his new single, “I Don’t Get Y’all.”

How did you get started in the rap game?
Music has always been my first love. I started fiddling around when we were out hustling in the streets late at night just to kill time. It would be like 3 a.m. and my homie Manacho would be like “Moka spit something family!” I like to be comical and would make jokes here and there so it could lighten the mood; Jamaica, Queens, is not a place you can ever let your guard down. To see my peeps laughing and saying “you actually got some skills” made me a believer, but it wasn’t until I did the Source Unsigned Hype battle at Stony Brook University that I took rapping very seriously.

Who were your influences?
LL Cool J, Mr. Cheeks, Nas, Slick Rick, and, of course, Jadakiss.

Speaking of Jadakiss, what does it mean to be co-signed by legendary artists like him and CL Smooth?
I am honored that I even got to grace the stage with ‘Kiss and to me that was the highlight of my performance career thus far. CL Smooth made sure that he dropped jewels on me. Having ‘Kiss and CL Smooth mentor me was priceless, I have taken that knowledge and utilized it to get me to this platform I am at right now.

Coming out of such a historic borough like Queens, N.Y., how do you plan to stand out and make your mark in the game?
The rap game in Queens has always produced mega superstars and I plan on being the next one. You must create your own style and niche. It seems like everyone wants to be a rapper but they all sound the same. The artists who hone their sound always stand out because it forces the average listener to stop and pay attention. With my style I give more than the average rapper, my wordplay is designed to make you say, “This kid knows how to use current events and ride a beat to perfection.”

Your latest song, “I Don’t Get Y’all,” what is the concept behind it?
The concept behind it is that I don’t get people in this game. One day they’re cool with you and the next day they hate you. This music game is full of overinflated egos from practically everyone. No one takes the time to invite someone out and ask questions. I have been in situations where I thought an individual had my best interest in mind just to find out they just were out to take advantage of me. I now have a very tight-knit family that makes it practically impossible to get to me unless we know that you are about your business.

What’s next for Moka Blast? What’s the mark you want to leave on the industry?
Right now I am working on my album titled Blast RadiiUs and its my first LP, so I’m putting my all into it. I’m really excited to get the feedback and hear what my fans have to say because they give it to me unfiltered. As for my mark on the industry, I will go down as one of the greatest once I get the ball rolling. I will be known for being one of the most lyrical and wittiest artists ever. I would say one of the sexiest as well, as it’s evident that Ladies Love Moka, but I mean whose judging, right?

Moka Blast is currently headlining the Coast 2 Coast tour.

Instagram and Twitter: @MokaBlast

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