7 insane quotes from Rachel Dolezal about being ‘Black’ in a ‘White’ woman’s body

Photo credit: Screenshot, The Today Show
Photo credit: Screenshot, The Today Show

Rachel Dolezal finally spoke out about the controversy of her being a White woman who believes that she is Black. During an interview with The Today Show, Dolezal shared her thoughts on self-identifying as a Black woman.

The entire ordeal started because she claimed to be receiving hate mail. But the Post Office revealed that the mail was not sent through their system and was probably placed in the P.O. box by someone who owned the key. If Dolezal can lie about her racial identity, it isn’t farfetched that she would lie about receiving hate mail.

The hate mail claims led to an investigation where it was discovered that she was raised as a White woman.

When the story first broke, there was a sympathetic aspect to Dolezal’s desire to involve herself in the Black experience. But as more evidence surfaces, it’s highly likely that she’s a delusional woman who suffers from mental issues.

Here are seven insane quotes from Rachel Dolezal about being ‘Black’ in a ‘White’ woman’s body:

“I identify as Black”

When asked if she is an African American, Dolezal said she identifies as Black. This was a moment when Dolezal could have come clean by saying that she embraces being White, but has an affinity for the Black race; however, she insists on living her lie.

“Visibly she’s white, I wasn’t African American [then].”

Moments after saying that she identifies with being Black, she admits to being “visibly White” as a teenager. It’s almost as if she’s not hearing herself speak.

Rachel Dolezal thumb LinkedIn
Rachel Dolezal thumb LinkedIn

“I would draw self-portraits with the brown Crayon instead of the peach Crayon.”

Dolezal said that she identified with being Black at age five and used Crayons to express herself. But this is apparently another lie. Her father revealed that she began to identify with Black culture in her late twenties.

“My tuition and Teacher Assistance was removed because other people needed opportunities. They said I had white relatives and they could help me with tuition. I thought that was an injustice.”

This was the quote that revealed the most. When she thought that being White could help her win a lawsuit, Dolezal decided to fully embrace her White racial background.

“Wilkerson is my dad. Any man can be a father; not every man can be a dad.”

When asked about the Black man she claimed was her dad (Albert Wilkerson), Dolezal spoke as if she was adopted by the man and her biological father was absent from her life.

Photo credit: YouTube via damanwitdahorn
Photo credit: YouTube via damanwitdahorn

“When I got full custody of [my son], he said, ‘You’re my real mom.’ With that being plausible, I can’t be seen as White and be his mother.”

She agrees with anything that could help her support this ongoing fantasy.

“I would [make the same decision].”

It’s apparent that Dolezal hasn’t learned anything from her experience. She doesn’t feel as if she’s doing anything wrong and will likely continue to lie about her ethnicity.

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