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White gunman kills 9 Black people attending Bible study at Charleston church


Photo credit: Fox 6 Now screenshot

A white gunman is responsible for a terror attack at a Black church in Charleston, South Carolina. According to reports by Fox 6 Now, the shooting occurred around 9 p.m. while churchgoers were having Bible study at the Emmanuel AME church.

Authorities said a clean shaven White man in his early 20s opened fire inside of the church. Witnesses say several bodies were pulled out of the church. State Senator Clementa Pinkney was assassinated during the violent attack. Reportedly, the sole survivors was a Black grandmother who shielded her grandchild during the shooting.

At press time, police have yet to capture the gunman.

There was also a bomb threat called at the scene. It’s possible the attacks were motivated by race and police are investigating the shooting as a hate crime.

The Emmanuel AME church is one of the largest and oldest Black churches in America. Police cleared the surrounding area of the church shortly after the bomb threat.


  1. ZeroTo100 on June 18, 2015 at 7:44 am

    WOW! REALLY? I honestly don’t think they are even looking for this guy. we are talking about South Carolina! Which is still one of the Biggest, Racist, Slave Minded States in the US. I pray he do what Most White people do, and Turn the gun on himself and Blow His Own Brains Out! Yes I said that’s what They Do! SorryNotSorry!!

  2. Rudwaan on June 18, 2015 at 9:36 am

    when and if they find him they will make it appear as if he acted on his own free will, maybe cast him in the role of an outcast, but I warned you my people that the deluded White Supremacists had organized themselves under one central command and would be running these types of terror exercises not just in the USA but Europe and Australia, do not drink the Kool-Aid, we must turn our minds and our conversations away from the incessant bullshit we engage in daily and begin to beat the drums of REPARATIONS/SEPARATION NOW!!!

    • Likewaterforchoc on June 18, 2015 at 12:45 pm

      What killed me was when Cuomo (or Slo-mo as I call him) actually stated that the gunman looked to be disguised and he may not even be white. White folks are seriously trying to convince us that racism is a figment of our imagination. You are right about how the media will play this. Additionally, the media will seek to humanize him to invoke empathy the way they do with white criminals as opposed to black “criminals” who are viewed as just plain evil without any regard to their circumstances. I went to school with Senator Clementa Pinkney and his sister was my classmate. He was regarded as a hero in our small town and deserved better than this. I am angry and sad at the same time. This is the second classmate that I have lost in a week. My heart is so heavy right now.