Digiology presents ‘Dope Edition’

Photo Courtesy: Lemar Parrish

Digiology’s Dope Edition “Celebration of the Cool Geeks” took over the Microsoft store at Perimeter Mall in Atlanta on June 18. Atlanta’s top visual artists came out to showcase their unconventional skills by transforming traditional art forms on to new age digital platforms for the very first time. Hundreds of the city’s hipsters and creatives showed up in their most electrifying outfits leaving bold impressions with curators Quinton Maurice (Super Dope Q) and Patty Effin Mayo.

DJ Face filled the room with old-school hip-hop vibes as several artists sketched their best work for a chance to win Microsoft’s HP “signature” edition personal tablet. The challenge was to create a unique version of the rapper-actor Kap G from the movie Dope, using Pharrell’s adidas Original clothing from the ’90s-inspired fashions in the movie.

The CEO behind the Digiology program, Lemar Parish, was overjoyed by the turnout for the event and hopes to put on many more. “Overall, I think the event was a great success due to the national exposure the artists have received. I enjoyed seeing the contestants learn how to transform their traditional art pieces. Also, having Kap G from the Dope movie was awesome and inspirational for the young people trying to achieve the same success,” say Parrish.

Rolling out had a chance to speak with Parrish after the event. He gave us insight on the history behind Digiology, his future goals for The Digital fashion Group and how he prepares for the event.

Here is what he had to say.

What is Digiology?
Digiology was put together by a creative fashion group with digital influence, which specializes in creating opportunities for students, emerging talent and the creative culture. We provide opportunities for these young people to working in technology and entertainment fields to help kick-start their careers.

What lead you to start The Digital Fashion Group?
With being a professional web developer and social media manager, I know how hard it is to get a job these competitive fields as a young creative. I wanted to change that, because only 25% of these young people actually land a job in entertainment. I wanted to put a program together where they will be able either network with other people trying to achieve similar goals or speak to a decision maker who can help get their foot in the door. This gives then a chance to have their work be seen by someone who is relevant and can give them the opportunity they have been waiting for.

How do you choose partners for Digiology events?
The process for us putting together a theme or content is chosen by the number of opportunities I can give to people when implementing the project. Also, making sure the relevance ties into the technology and fashion industries. I have to be certain there is some kind of tangible theme so that I can bring the two together.

Do you think it’s harder for young people to land industry jobs now versus 10 years ago?
I thinks it is harder, because the creative youths of today don’t grasp the concept of interning for a company. They aren’t willing to work for free to gain that special relationship, which is what will matter in the long run. They want to walk in a building with their resume with the expectation of being hired based solely on their portfolio. Years ago we understood the importance of making personal connections, because it’s not always about what you do, but more so who you know.

What are your long-term goals for The Digital Fashion Group?
I want our Digiology platforms to be recognized on a national level by major corporations. I would love technology, art and fashion to be elevated through the talent of all young creatives. I want it to become a worldwide recognized brand that students and upcoming talent can come to find exclusive opportunities they can’t access on other websites or groups.

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