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‘Love & Hip Hip Atlanta’ episode 10 best moments

Ariane Tries To Bring Mimi & Margeaux Together

Ariane Tries To Bring Mimi and Margeaux Together

After Mimi meets up with Ariane and apologizes for lying about the sex tape, Ariane decides to secretly bring Mimi and Margeaux together to get them to make peace. Mimi tries to explain to Margeaux that she has no problem with her and that Nikko is the real enemy in this situation. However, Margeaux is prickly to Mimi and tells her that she has no respect for her. Margeaux goes on to tell Mimi that she’s a “w—e” and a liar and that she wants nothing to do with her. Ariane kicks Margeaux out and Mimi laughs off Margeaux’s disses.

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