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‘Love & Hip Hip Atlanta’ episode 10 best moments

Joc Tries To Win Khadiyah Back Again

Joc tries to win Khadiyah back

After Khadiyah kicked him out and he decided not to get back with Sina, Joc has been sleeping on Kirk and Rasheeda’s couch, much to Rasheeda’s chagrin. But Joc convinces Rasheeda to put in a good word with Khadiyah so he can try to win her back. Joc’s plan works and Khadiyah agrees to meet with him. Joc gives her fluffy handcuffs as a cute gift and Khadiyah immediately cuffs him and interrogates him about where he’s been. Joc, surprisingly, tells her the truth that he slept at Sina’s place and Khadiyah is immediately unhappy and pours her water on him. She refuses to take him back and cuffs him to the table before walking out.



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