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Art and chaos equal Chaotic Culture


Photo credit: William Gonzalez of UpRiver Productions

Culture is a living and breathing thing. Art, music and entertainment provide inspiration to the masses even in the smallest doses. Love is expressed through culture. Our life stories are told through culture. Culture exists even in the most trying of times. Revolutions are sparked by culture. When we discuss culture, it is important to specify that music, arts and entertainment are the life blood. These things individually can create movement. Together they can change the world. The world at this moment in time exists in a state of chaos. Many countries and cities are on the brink of bankruptcy, lives are being lost daily for many reasons and a thick cloud of uncertainty is in the air. In the midst of all of this exists beauty and hope. Chaotic Culture, led by Chicago powerhouse talents Just Flo who is an artist, emcee, actor and activist; along with Uneq’ka who is a singer, actor and activist, finds the beauty in this chaos and effects change in their community. On Aug. 1, 2015, Chaotic Culture will present the first Chaotic Expo at the MRT Cultural Center in Englewood. They also have a sketch comedy troop called The CGX that has performed throughout Chicago. Rolling out spoke with them to learn more about Chaotic Culture and what they mean to the community and the world.

Tell us about Chaotic Culture.

Chaotic culture is a group of visual and performing artists from Chicago who are dedicated to inspiring the community and Chicagoland with positive messages and creativity through art, film, music and performance.

What would you say motivates you to approach the arts in the manner that you do?

Our motivation to approach the art in the manner that we do is the ability to change lives through creativity.  We believe that all forms of art fuels inspiration and  create change in every community.  As teachers and creators of art of all kind we see the results and affect the creativity has on the youth and their ability to transform their lives into greatness.


Photo credit: William Gonzalez of UpRiver Productions

What exactly is The CGX and who is part of it?

The CGX which stands for creative group experience, it is our improv, live art and music performance with comedy and infusing lessons and social messages. Our performance crew is our producer Just Flo, Uneq’ka, Precise, Morrisa Queen, UNKLE BLACK, and Del Marie. We cater shows for schools, churches, clubs, theaters, private events and more.

What is the Chaotic Expo?

The Chaotic Expo is a networking event showcasing the CGX, our music, artistry and much more. It is Aug.1 at the MRT Cultural Center, located at 5800 S. Hoyne. This is the celebration launch of our music from Just Flo and Uneqka, our vacant gallery, which is the Installation of artwork in the vacant buildings and vacant lots around Chicagoland starting with west Englewood.

What three traits do you think need to be present in order to be a success?

Passion, team structure, consistency

Bonus question

What is the meaning of life?

The love for humanity toward evolution. Life is the journey to find happiness in oneself and to spread [it] through[out] the world.


Courtesy of Chaotic Culture

The Chaotic Expo will be at The MRT Cultural Center in Englewood 5800 S Hoyne in Chicago. For more information and tickets, visit the site



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