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Jay Z and Will Smith connect to produce mini-series on Emmett Till

Jay Z and Will Smith

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Powerhouse rappers and businessmen Jay Z and Will Smith will soon team up to produce a mini-series on the life of Emmett Till.

Entertainment Weekly reports the pair will produce the mini-series for HBO alongside fellow producers Aaron Kaplan, James Lassiter and Jay Brown. Kapital Entertainment will be in charge of production for the series in addition to Jay Z’s Roc Nation and Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment.

Jay Z and Smith previously worked together on the film Annie and a production of Fela.

Till, of course, was the 14-year-old Chicago boy murdered for supposedly whistling at a white woman while visiting family in Mississippi in 1955. Two men, J.W. Milam and Roy Bryant, later kidnapped Till from his relatives’ home before beating and killing him and dumping his body in a nearby river. Both Milam and Bryant were acquitted of murder by an all-white jury with the two later admitting their guilt after the statue of limitations ran out.

No air date has been given for the as-of-yet untitled mini-series.



  1. kelly on July 25, 2015 at 12:16 pm

    honestly this story sparked the civil rights movement way before dr king started protest , the nwaacp and some black leaders stood by mamie till the whole time . and supported her like al sharpton trys to do with the families of black men killed by police .today .. itss a different era blacks were more united then than now . goverment never did do much but kennedy did step in and eisenhower too i think or was i LBJ .. stepped in and demanded rights for blacks setting fire to the kkk organization they finally deminished until these cop killings started up again and now we go back to 1955 era aint shit changed but the shopping centers we go to and the cars we drive , and the food we eat .. whites are still dirty down south expecially

  2. Timlrobert on July 26, 2015 at 2:44 am