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9 glam makeup tips by pro artist Alena Morris

Make-up tips

Model: Holly Lowe Jones. Photo courtesy of Alena Morris.

August is the second most popular month for weddings. You’ve been putting work in the gym, and now you just need to add the “slay” factor. Want beautiful cheekbones like Beyoncé?  Luscious lips like Kerry Washington?

Fitness expert Holly Lowe Jones recently sat with Portland-based professional makeup artist Alena Morris to learn some of the quick makeup tips and techniques needed to beat your face like the best of them.

Step 1: Start with a clean + moisturized face. If you have oily skin, use oil-free moisturizer.

Step 2: Highlight (using makeup 1-2 shades lighter than your natural skin tone) the features you wish to bring forward or accentuate, using cream or liquid concealers under the eye, in the cupid’s bow, along the bridge of the nose, and above the brow.

Step 3: Contour (using a color 1-2 shades darker than your natural skin tone) the features you wish to draw attention away from, by creating shadows and depth along the temples of your forehead; beneath the cheek bone —starting from the hairline; alongside the bridge of your nose; underneath your nose — nostril area; underneath chin; along the jawline — blending downwards. Contour softens/sharpens features.

Step 4: Stipple your foundation over your contour/highlight using a round foundation brush or damp Beauty Blender. Blend until well! Your face should look as though it’s naturally light in the center of your face and deepens along your hairline.

Step 5: Set or “bake/cook” your highlighted and contoured areas with loose powder, either translucent (matte finish) or using tones complimentary to the concealers used. If you want the appearance of dewy skin (shine), simply brush the powders on. However, if you are oily and/or want a matte finish, it is important to not only pack the powder onto those designated areas but let it sit (or cook).

Step 6: While your highlight bakes, work on the eyes!

Step 7: Eyes done? Sweep away excess powder and apply a bit of extra bronzer to give the contoured area more definition. Then apply blush starting from the hairline and fading out towards the apples of your cheeks. Top the cheekbone, tip of your nose, cupid’s bow and center of forehead with a light brush of highlight.

Step 8: Finish with filling in your brows, and your preference of lipstick or gloss.

Step 9: Curl lashes, apply mascara and for added flare, use false lashes.

Alena Morris is a body painter and beauty/creative makeup artist. As a member of RAW: Natural Born Artists and the FOUND Agency, Morris created MakeupYoLife in 2014 to uplift and empower women; adopting the motto, “strength is beauty.”

For more information on Morris, please visit

Instagram/Twitter: @makeupyolife.