Ice T thinks ‘push’ gifts are ridiculous

@coco via Instagram
@coco via Instagram

In an all-new episode of “Ice & Coco” Ice-T explains why he won’t be gifting his wife Coco Austin with a push present after she delivers little Chanel Nicole.

During a hot topics segment, Austin opened the floor by discussing the popular push gift. “OK, I didn’t really know what this was either, so let me just break it down. Apparently, a push gift is a gift you get after a woman pushes out a baby,” she said.

And while the audience may have been cheering, Ice T quickly interjected, “I ain’t with it….you gonna push that baby out whether you want to or not. So why do you get a gift for something? — Oh, you think you need to get rewarded for having a baby?… Alright, let’s think about this really ladies…. you want a gift, I get it. But, shouldn’t the baby be the gift?”

Unsurprisingly, Austin agreed. “That’s true,” she responded.

Ice added, “I mean, are you sitting there holding the baby like oh, that’s beautiful, where’s my gift? Well, c’mon where’d my ring go? Put the baby to the side, what did I get? It’s not a prize. You don’t win a prize for having a baby.”

The “SVU” actor continued, “I think if you appreciate your wife and she’s been through a struggle, you can give her a gift. But I don’t think it should be demanded or expected.”

Coco responded, “I believe that’s true, too. I’m not expecting anything.”

However, Ice T said he will feed her. He said, “I’m going to take you out to a good dinner, I’ll take you to In-N-Out or something…. so you know I appreciate and love you. — Taco Bell? …Where you wanna go? Wendy’s?”

Austin replied, “Five Guys.”

“Ice & Coco” premiered August 3 on FOX and it appears viewers are loving what they have to offer.

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