5 reasons a pair of black heels is a necessity

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For years, the little black dress has been coveted as a wardrobe necessity. It’s safe to say, most women own at least one LBD. As essential as the LBD is, we must also remember the versatility of the black heel. Here’s why…

1. They match everything

How many times have you felt frustrated while getting dressed to go out because you didn’t have a good pair of heels to go with your cute outfit? Now, just think, if you buy a nice pair of black heels just to have in hand for an emergency, you will never have to suffer through another fashion freak out again. Splurge on one nice pair that will work with the items you have in your closet. The heels work with jeans, dresses and suits.

2. Special Occasion

From weddings to birthdays and even vacations, the black heel is perfect. It’s understandable that every woman wants to stand out during particular occasions and doesn’t see how that’s possible when wearing a basic black heel. Keep in mind, not every black heel has to be plain. If you truly want to spice things up for you ensemble, pick out a pair of black sparkle heels or a sexy peep-toe that will surely help you steal the show.

3. Black is for Business

Unfortunately, the world of corporate America is still black and white, unless you work for Google. When entering a job interview, business meetings or work presentations, the best option for your heel color is black. Anytime you are handling matters in a professional setting, black is key. Try a short, closed, simple black heel.

4. Date Night

If you have plans to go to dinner, the movies or a fun concert then black heels will definitely become your g- to shoe. Most men love to see a woman in a stunning pair of black heels. They hardly care about who designed the shoe or where it was made; if it looks good on us, then they will enjoy watching our every step.

5.  Black isn’t Seasonal

Black is the only color in your wardrobe that is 100% useful through all four seasons. No matter what time of year, your black heels will transition into whatever you decide to wear whether it’s a wool coat and leggings or a long, flowing maxi dress. Even if you only have a sandal style shoe, you can still wear it with stockings or leg warmers during the colder months.

Lala Martinez
Lala Martinez

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