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10 celebrities with PhDs and other impressive degrees

@shaq via Instagram

It’s that time of year again …

As kids return to school, many working adults across the nation find themselves re-evaluating their educational goals in order to better themselves as well as open the door to other employment opportunities. In the past, it seemed like anyone with a minimum of a high school diploma could obtain a job. But now, more and more organizations are seeking out individuals with an advanced degree.

Even Hollywood A-listers, porn stars and movie stars-turned-stay-at-home mothers have realized the true potential created by obtaining a degree, with many juggling studies while on and off set. In fact, many big screen stars, athletes, public figures and household names have earned a Ph.D. before or after attaining fame.

While it’s true that several college dropouts have made it big, including Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Kanye West, the following stars prove that an impressive educational background can push your career or dream in the right direction. In other words, don’t rush to quit school. Take a note from the following celebs who reached their educational goals and fame basically in unison.

For 10 celebrities with PhDs and other impressive degrees, hit the flip.

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