Lucinda Cross talks annual Activate Conference, professional development for women

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As a best-selling author and founder of the popular Activate Your Life Today brand, a leadership firm that provides personal and professional development programs, Lucinda Cross juggles countless responsibilities. Whether it’s heading business seminars and workshops or traveling internationally for speaking engagements, Cross is always on the move.

Cross is gearing up for the third annual Activate Conference, a three-day symposium hosting a series of informative activities, including panels and training sessions to enrich the lives of women seeking growth in their careers. In addition to her mission to empower women, Cross has published a self-help book titled The Road To Redemption, which educates readers on how they can live the life they’ve dreamed of despite their financial hardships or poor decisions made in the past. Cross believes the best way to learn is from your individual experiences.

Rolling out recently caught up with Cross to discuss her Activate! conference, the importance of having a mentor and how she began her journey with a vision board.

Tell us about the conference you have coming to Atlanta.
I am extremely excited to bring the Activate Conference to Atlanta. This our 3rd year doing the conference. The theme this year is “Building the Empire While Focusing on Family”  and it’s happening Sept. 18-20. Attendees can expect high energy and great networking. Regardless of your industry, this conference lays out strategies and tips for reinventing yourself and your brand. They can look forward to receiving insightful information on how to get to the next level with their passion and purpose. We start our tickets as low as $100 for our one-day pass. The prices increase to $1K depending on how much you want to experience. We offer breakout sessions that help with self-publishing, public speaking and marketing tips for your business.

What was your inspiration for starting the conference?
My inspiration stemmed from my frustration after attending numerous conferences that didn’t give me the push I needed to start my business. I wanted to create something that allows people to do the work while they are present. We prepare every single attendee before they even arrive in September. If they are seeking investors than they should bring their pitch deck. If they are trying to sell a product than they should have it packaged and ready to go. After the conference, we do provide ongoing services, group support and also one-on-one support. For those who are self-learners, they can go online for help.

What would you consider three female success factors?
I would say being courageous while not even knowing you’re doing it. Also, taking the steps you know you need to take and doing it fearlessly.  Women need to be authentic and not compare themselves and their brands to other people’s success. Lastly, we need to be our own cheerleaders and support others along the way to push them where they need to go.

For people who admire you and want to do what you do, what questions should they ask themselves?
Why not me? People tend to ask themselves all the wrong questions and don’t answer the right one. It’s OK to have flaws and be great just as you are. I do think that the lack of gratitude people have for themselves is stopping them from taking over in their career of choice. I am blessed to have mentors in my profession. I am big on people finding a mentor to help guide them before they go out into the business world.  I started out with someone who has been in my life for a long time. I found my mentor by looking at all the things that I desire and got connected with an individual I could learn from. As soon as my mentor opened his mouth and said all the things that were on my vision board I knew he was the one. Everything started with my vision board.

What did it take for you to come from your lowest point to where you are today?
I came from a very hopeless place due to the decisions that I made as a young adult. Those choices led me to some unfortunate places, but also taught me a lot about life. To be able to create conferences, mentor people and travel internationally is amazing. I was told I would never have a voice and my opinion didn’t matter, because of previous mistakes. It’s great to be where I am now, but it took a lot of work and self-investment.

What advice do you have for the women in prison?
I have been where they are and seen all the same things. I know what goes on behind closed doors, so for me it would be a statement instead of a question. I told myself I would not be another statistic. They need to do everything they can possibly do to go back to school and get their lives together. They need to ask themselves what their calling is and what are they here to do.

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