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Pastor removed after kicking 103-year-old woman out of his church


photo credit: WXIA screenshot

Genora Hamm Biggs was viewed as a menace to Rev. Tim Mattox at Union Grove Baptist Church in Elberton, Georgia. Mattox decided to ban Biggs, 103, from church because she didn’t agree with his style of preaching.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Biggs voiced her disapproval with Mattox shortly after he became pastor of the church six years ago. Biggs, who had been a member of the church for 92 years, didn’t agree with the “hollering” and “falling out” in church. She believed his preaching had become a spectacle.

Biggs made national attention after she was banned from her church, but other church members have chosen to side against Mattox. Church members voted to oust Mattox as pastor. Mattox responded by obtaining a restraining order against Biggs and her grandson.

On Sept. 27, an interim pastor will be scheduled to conduct service at Union Grove. However, it is believed that Mattox will also show up to give the Sunday sermon.

It’s unclear how this will end, but Mattox should probably step aside and suspend himself as leader of Union Grove Baptist Church.